Tungstic Acid Applied for Electrochromic Film

Tungstic acid for preparing an electrochromic film refers to tungstic acid powder. The tungstic acid powder can be mainly used in the production stage of WO3 sol in the preparation of tungsten oxide electrochromic film. So, how to prepare WO3 sol with tungstic acid?

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WO3 Sol Prepared by Tungstic Acid

A certain amount of tungstic acid powder was weighed by an electronic balance, and a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of deionized water were added, wherein the ratio of the amount of tungstic acid powder to hydrogen peroxide was maintained at a ratio of 1:2. Ultrasonic dispersion for 45min, a pale yellow suspension can be obtained. The suspension is slowly added with 1mol/L citric acid while stirring magnetically. After stirring for 10min, a yellow-white suspension with a certain viscosity can be obtained. Continue to slowly add 3N ammonia water while stirring to adjust the pH within the range of 3.5-4.0. The suspension after adding ammonia water was placed in a three-neck round bottom flask, and the stirrer and electric heating device were turned on to maintain the heating rate at 1°C/min, and the temperature was raised to 100°C for 3 hours, and naturally cooled to room temperature to obtain a pale yellow WO3 sol.