Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Registered a Revenue of RMB5.8 Billion During Jan-Oct


The revenue from the main tungsten industry totaled RMB5.8 billion during Jan-Oct this year, rising 26.1% YOY, according to statistics, 10% higher than the average growth over the county. The tax amounted to RMB140Mt, an increase of 87.8% y-o-y and 62% higher than the average growth throughout the county. The tungsten industry gains great momentum.

The county emphasizes on the cooperation with Jiangxi University of Technology, National Tungsten Inspection Centre and Technique Innovation Centre in the county to enlarge tungsten industry, raise the added value of products and extend the industry chain. The county gives great support on capital, water and electricity supply, policy, talents and listing on the market with Shirui New Mateiral Company , Jiangxi Tungsten Alloy Company and other leading enterprises with potential as centre to strengthen leading companies. In the meantime, the county speeds up technology innovation, express the role of finance to support enterprises to expand production and create, transform technique results and from rough processing to deep processing.



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