How to Clean Tungsten Carbide Jewelry


Tungsten jewelry can tarnish and also be covered with dirt and grime like any other ring. Causing physical damage to a piece of tungsten jewelry is difficult; It won't scratch easily or bend. . About all you can do to really break one is to throw it on a tile floor or crush it in a vice. However, tungsten carbide can be damaged chemically from using common chemicals in ways that other metals can not. For this reason it can be tricky when you try to clean a tungsten ring. Conventional cleaners such as Tarn-X or gold cleaners are not made to clean Tungsten and will not work to remove tarnish. They may very well tamper with the structure of the alloy. Once the integrity of your ring has been compromised it is much weaker. This means your once near-indestructible piece of tungsten carbide jewelry may now be no stronger (or even weaker) than other conventional pieces of jewelry. To remove tarnish from tungsten jewelry use a tarnish remover specifically formulated for tungsten rings. You can find this tarnish remover at places such as Amazon by searching for "tungsten ring tarnish remover". Harper and Hopkins is one such brand.
1.First, your ring might just be dirty. Make a cleaning solution. Because many soaps and detergents (and even jewelry cleaners) react with the elements in a tungsten carbide ring, you should not use them. To clean your tungsten ring simply mix a few drops of hand soap or mild dish soap with a bucket of warm water. Soak your ring for a few minutes.
2.If your ring is still tarnished you must use a specialty tarnish remover. Place a very small amount of tarnish remover onto your ring with the applicator.
3.Using the cloth in the kit, buff away the tarnish making sure you buff the entire ring.
4.Rinse the ring in mild soapy water. Once your ring is clean, rinse it off under a stream of warm water.
5.Dry it off. Dry off your ring with a cotton cloth.
If you rinse your ring in the sink, make sure the stopper is in -- just in case you drop the ring.
If washing does not remove the tarnish then you must use a tarnish remover specifically for tungsten such as Harper & Hopkins tungsten tarnish remover available at stores .
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