Nonmetal-doped Yellow Tungsten Oxide Applied for Photocatalyst

The photocatalytic performance of nonmetal-doped yellow tungsten oxide as a photocatalyst is improved compared to pure WO3. This is because compared with O2p orbitals, nonmetal ions such as C, N, F and S have orbits with relatively high energy. Substituting some of O atoms in semiconductor oxides (such as WO3) with the abovementioned atoms may increase the position of the valence band of the semiconductor, reduce the semiconductor band gap width, and make its absorption edge red shift.

nonmetal-doped yellow tungsten oxide applied for photocatalyst picture

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Preparation of Nonmetal-doped Yellow Tungsten Oxide Photocatalyst

A certain amount of ammonium tungstate was taken in a porcelain boat, placed in a muffle furnace, and baked at 600 °C for 5 hours. After natural cooling, it was ground in an agate mortar to obtain pure WO3 powder. According to a certain ratio (calculated as w (M) /w (WO3) x 100%, wt%, where M is a rare earth element), mix a certain amount of a doping element precursor and an ethanol aqueous solution (V: V, 1: 1), add the required amount of WO3 powder, grind it in an agate mortar for 30 min, and then dry it in a blast drying oven at 80 °C overnight to obtain the precursor. The precursor was calcined at 500 °C for 2 h to obtain nonmetal-doped WO3 powder photocatalyst.