【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Trioxide Target

tungsten trioxide target image

Tungsten trioxide target preparation usually adopting producing method of electric ceramic, the process is ball milling, compression moulding, calcination, it is used for preparing WO3 electrochromic thin film.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Carbide Production Process

tungsten carbide production process picture

Tungsten carbide firstly mixes the various required powders according to the product requirements in a certain proportion, and the powder is pressed and formed. In a high temperature sintering furnace, tungsten carbide structure is formed through a precisely controlled heating process. The sintered tungsten carbide parts are processed into subsequent products by subsequent grinding, polishing, coating and so on.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Sol Gel Method

tungsten copper sol gel method picture

Tungsten copper sol gel method with hydrolysis and polymerization basic reaction, which are in preparation of high purity at a low temperature, evenly distributed, high chemical activity of single and multi-component mixtures. It is a metal alkoxide and its compounds as raw materials, under certain conditions hydrolysis medium and catalyst - the polycondensation reaction solution into a gel, and then by drying and heat treatment method of obtaining synthetic materials.


【Know Tungsten】Nano Cesium Tungstate

nano cesium tungstate image

Nano cesium tungstate is newly developed nano material, chemical formula is Cs2WO4, it is dark blue powder, can be used as transparent insulating powder, it is the best inorganic nano materials for near-infrared optical absorption.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Plasma Spraying

tungsten copper plasma spraying picture

Tungsten copper plasma spraying is a kind of technique strengthening the material surface and surface-modified new multi-purpose precision spraying.


【Know Tungsten】Processing Technics of Tungsten Carbide Die

tungsten carbide die image
Due to the high hardness, it is difficult to machine tungsten carbide die. Especially when the machining accuracy is high, or the surface is very complex, it is more difficult and time consuming.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Trioxide and Calcium Hydroxide Reaction

tungsten trioxide and calcium hydroxide reaction image

Tungsten trioxide and calcium hydroxide reaction will produce calcium tungstate CaWO4, it is also called artificial scheelite which is used to produce APT and WO3.


【Know Tungsten】Titanium Tungsten Powder

titanium tungsten powder image

Titanium tungsten powder is main component of denitration catalyst, a white powder insoluble in water, without toxic substance of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), belongs to safe new materials, its manufacturing process including preparation of meta-titanic acid, titanium tungsten composite powders and post-treatment.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Trioxide Catalyst

tungsten trioxide catalyst image

Tungsten trioxide can be applied in hydrogen desulfurization catalyst, SCR denitration catalyst, photocatalyst.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Trioxide Hydrogen Reduction

tungsten trioxide hydrogen reduction image

Tungsten trioxide hydrogen reduction producing tungsten powder uses two steps method which is used for batch production.