【Know Tungsten】Binderless Tungsten Carbide

binderless tungsten carbide picture

Binderless tungsten carbide refers to a class of high wear-resistant WC tungsten carbide containing less than 0.5% by mass of Co., which has higher hardness, wear resistance and resistance than traditional WC-Co tungsten carbide. Corrosive and superior polishing characteristics, while reducing the cost of raw materials, and reducing the impact of Co6tl radioactivity on the human body and the environment.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper SPS

tungsten copper SPS picture

Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is a kind of new sintering technology based on electrical discharge machining. It belongs to plasma sintering technology, which uses sparks and gap discharge to sinter in pressure. While the other is in a vacuum environment, uses 5000-20000k plasma flame to heat sintering, this called thermal plasma sintering.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Oxide Types

tungsten oxide types image

There are four main types of tungsten oxide, yellow, blue, violet and brown tungsten oxide.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Rapid Directional Solidification

tungsten copper rapid directional solidification picture

Tungsten copper rapid directional solidification preparation of tungsten copper alloy, so that between the solidifying metal and non-metal solidified to produce a specific temperature gradient, usually resulting in a higher degree of supercooling, so that solidification in a wide range of solubility, the solid obtained phase high content of alloying elements and grain refinement significantly fewer microscopic segregation. Commonly used methods of rapid solidification atomization, melt spinning method and spray deposition.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Liquid Phase Sintering Method

tungsten copper liquid phase sintering method picture

The tungsten copper liquid phase sintering method is prepared by tungsten powder and copper powder in a certain ratio, adding a lubricant, forming, and then sintering and densifying the material at a temperature between the melting point of tungsten and copper.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Trioxide Smart Window

tungsten trioxide smart window image

Tungsten trioxide smart window producing method is based on the existing sandwich glass, settle the smart film between two layers of common glass.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Spray Drying Method

tungsten copper spray drying method picture

Tungsten copper spray drying method also called thermo-chemical synthesis method involves the preparation of the original solution and mixing, spray drying and fluid bed conversion in three stages. It is the solution to obtain chemical and physical atomized ultrafine particles by the method of combining physical means.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Trioxide Target

tungsten trioxide target image

Tungsten trioxide target preparation usually adopting producing method of electric ceramic, the process is ball milling, compression moulding, calcination, it is used for preparing WO3 electrochromic thin film.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Carbide Production Process

tungsten carbide production process picture

Tungsten carbide firstly mixes the various required powders according to the product requirements in a certain proportion, and the powder is pressed and formed. In a high temperature sintering furnace, tungsten carbide structure is formed through a precisely controlled heating process. The sintered tungsten carbide parts are processed into subsequent products by subsequent grinding, polishing, coating and so on.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Sol Gel Method

tungsten copper sol gel method picture

Tungsten copper sol gel method with hydrolysis and polymerization basic reaction, which are in preparation of high purity at a low temperature, evenly distributed, high chemical activity of single and multi-component mixtures. It is a metal alkoxide and its compounds as raw materials, under certain conditions hydrolysis medium and catalyst - the polycondensation reaction solution into a gel, and then by drying and heat treatment method of obtaining synthetic materials.