【Know Tungsten】How to Order Tungsten Carbide Powder

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Guide user to order tungsten carbide powder in more efficient way.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Carbide Powder Application

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Tungsten carbide powder application is mainly material of hard alloy, and used in smelting crucible, wear resistance semiconductor film, also formed a solid solution with various carbides to prepare super-hard tool, wear-resistant material ect..


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Carbide Powder

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Native tungsten carbide powder refers to WC prepared from native tungsten powder and carbon, black hexagonal crystals with metallic luster, is main raw material for producing hard alloy.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Hot Hydrostatic Extrusion

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Tungsten copper hot hydrostatic extrusion is a kind of new manufacturing process based on powder metallurgy technology. Tungsten copper material is composed of tungsten and copper, which contains all advantages of these two metals, which can be widely used in high-voltage switch, vacuum switch, electrical contacts, EDM electrodes, welding electrode and plasma plating electrodes fields.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper CIP

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Cold Isostatic Pressing, CIP, it refers to the isostatic pressing technique carried out at the room temperature. CIP usually uses rubber and plastics as mold wrapped materials, the liquid as the medium, the pressure is 100-630MPa, which mainly applied in powder molding. The purpose is to provide a sintered preform for the next process, such as forging or HIP process and so on. Compared with common molding process, tungsten copper CIP process has more uniform compacts and higher efficiency.


【Know Tungsten】Blue Tungsten Oxide Producing Method

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Blue tungsten oxide producing method mainly is ammonium paratungstate (APT) closed calcination, APT hydrogen mild reduction and internal reduction method.


【Know Tungsten】Binderless Tungsten Carbide

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Binderless tungsten carbide refers to a class of high wear-resistant WC tungsten carbide containing less than 0.5% by mass of Co., which has higher hardness, wear resistance and resistance than traditional WC-Co tungsten carbide. Corrosive and superior polishing characteristics, while reducing the cost of raw materials, and reducing the impact of Co6tl radioactivity on the human body and the environment.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper SPS

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Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is a kind of new sintering technology based on electrical discharge machining. It belongs to plasma sintering technology, which uses sparks and gap discharge to sinter in pressure. While the other is in a vacuum environment, uses 5000-20000k plasma flame to heat sintering, this called thermal plasma sintering.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Oxide Types

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There are four main types of tungsten oxide, yellow, blue, violet and brown tungsten oxide.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Rapid Directional Solidification

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Tungsten copper rapid directional solidification preparation of tungsten copper alloy, so that between the solidifying metal and non-metal solidified to produce a specific temperature gradient, usually resulting in a higher degree of supercooling, so that solidification in a wide range of solubility, the solid obtained phase high content of alloying elements and grain refinement significantly fewer microscopic segregation. Commonly used methods of rapid solidification atomization, melt spinning method and spray deposition.