【Know Tungsten】What Are Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bars?

What Are Bucking Bars?

Bucking bars are solid metal pieces made in different shapes and sizes. They are made from tungsten alloy and steel materials. But tungsten materials are more popular due to its characteristic of high density that enables tungsten bucking bars have small volume while meeting the weight requirement. 

What Are Bucking Bars Used for?

Bucking bars are used in aircraft, truck, bus, boat and trailer manufacturing processes for riveting, primarily aluminum and steel sheet metal components together.

How to Use Bucking Bars?

1.Place the smooth end surface of the bar on the end of the rivet; 

2. When in place, a riveting gun is used to apply pressure through multiple hits on the head of the rivet, while the bucking bar is forced against the rivet bucktail portion; 

3. Setting the rivet in place, filling the drilled hole it was placed in and securing the fastener in place and making the components rigidly connected.