Tungsten Crucible Price on Sep. 27, 2022

The latest price of φ55xφ44x70mm tungsten crucible is USD108.00/PC on Sep. 27, 2022, EXW XIAMEN, CHINA.

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The basic trading conditions of Tungsten Crucible
Product name Tungsten Crucible

Dimension: φ55xφ44x70mm as per the drawing

Formal contract quantity: 5pcs

Quotation: USD108.00/pc

Payment term: 100% T/T in Advance

Delivery time: in 35 working days


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What is Tungsten Crucible?

Tungsten crucible is a high-temperature resistant container made of tungsten that is used to hold liquid materials that are elevated to high temperatures, often for material testing and evaluation purposes. Its regular shape is cylindrical, and the diameter is between 10mm and 500mm. The height is between 10mm and 750mm, and the wall thickness is between 8mm and 20mm.

Characteristics of Tungsten Crucible

The characteristics of tungsten crucible include high specific gravity, high melting point, high boiling point, low vapor pressure, small evaporation rate, low thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, etc. According to different production processes, tungsten crucibles can be formed by forged, sintered, welded, punched and rotary pressed. Its density ranges from 18.5g/cm3 to 19.2g/cm3.

How to Produce Tungsten Crucible?

The producing processes of tungsten crucible include mixing powders, isostatic pressing, forming, sintering and machining. Four different tungsten powders with particle size in the range of 1.0~5.0um are used for ingredients; the isostatic pressure is about 200MPa, and the holding time is about 7 minutes; the sintering temperature is about 2300°C, and the sintering time is about 7 hours.

Tungsten Crucible Applications

As a high-temperature resistant container, tungsten crucible is mainly used in rare earth metal smelting furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, induction furnace heating element, single crystal furnace high temperature container, sapphire single crystal growth furnace, high temperature vacuum furnace and other industrial furnaces. Its working temperature is generally above 2000°C. Normally, tungsten crucibles should no internal cracks, have accurate dimensions, and smooth inner and outer walls.

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