Peter Wright Expect to Win Premier League After World Title Win

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Peter Wright has set his Premier League aspirations high after becoming world champion.

The Scot sealed his first world title in January, defeating Michael van Gerwen in the final. Wright immediately went on to win the Masters, before opening his Premier League campaign with a defeat against van Gerwen. Wright suggested that his new standing brings new expectations.


China Tungsten Prices Rose as Wuhan Coronavirus Fears Meet Tightness

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China tungsten prices showed upward trend in the first trading week as recent tightness was reinforced by concerns about a potential threat to movement of units from China as a result of the Wuhan coronavirus.


China praseodymium oxide prices - Feb. 12, 2020

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Rare earth market quotation in China: the latest of europium oxide, neodymium oxide and praseodymium oxide prices are unchanged from the previous day due to quiet market activity. 


China Ammonium Heptamolvbdate Prices - Feb. 12, 2020

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Molybdenum market quotation in China: the latest of molybdenum concentrate, ammonium molybdate and ammonium heptamolvbdate prices climbed on logistical constraints due to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. 


Tajikistan Allows Private Mining for Tungsten and Precious Metals, Stones

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Non-ferrous metals such as tungsten, precious metals, and precious stones are allowed for private mining in Tajikistan. Recently, according to foreign media, the Tajikistan government has approved private mining procedures for non-ferrous metals and precious metals, precious stones, and semi-precious stones. Private mining of gold, silver, platinum, tin, tungsten, and titanium and other metals, rare earth minerals. It is reported that the government has passed amendments to related laws, including regulations on gold mining in December 2019.


From Radium to Rare Earth: Luminous Watch Evolution

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Bell & Ross launched a BR03-92 Full Lum rare earth luminous watch, and some people indicate that the luminous light is harmful to the human body, while others asked: is there radiation? To answer this, we should track back to the time after the radium was discovered.


Tungsten Powder Prices in China Climbed in Early February, 2020

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ferro tungsten and tungsten powder prices in China continued to rise this week affected by the Wuhan coronavirus that is very easy to spread with the movement of the crowd.


Chinese Rare Earth Prices - Feb. 11, 2020

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Chinese rare earth prices maintain stability on Feb. 11, 2020 due to low trading activity as a result of Wuhan coronavirus. Now, concerns about the movement of units originating from China grew as the week went on. The Chinese government has already imposed restrictions on the movement of people and goods, and extended the holiday until Monday February 10; 


Chinese Molybdenum Prices - Feb. 11, 2020

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Chinese molybdenum prices edged higher under the situation of various uncertain factors. The terminal side has the demand for the products while the raw material side is in short supply. 


Materials Such as Molybdenum Oxide Nanomaterials Own Great Antiviral Potential

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Molybdenum oxide nanomaterials, calcium phosphate (Caps), and gold nanoparticle (AuNPs) materials own towering antiviral potential, some of them have been clinically applied. Hazardous viruses (such as HIV, HBV, PIV, etc.) still be tricky, while new mutant viruses, such as 2019-nCoV, avian influenza virus, and H1N1 influenza virus have presented. The main reason for some viruses hard to control is that these viruses infect the mucosal surface, and are prone to antigenic mutations and resistance mutations, which led to clinical prevention or treatment not effectively.