How to store Barium Tungsten Cathode?

The barium tungsten cathode is composed of a porous substrate and nitrate barium evenly filled in it. The BaO component in the nitrate barium easily absorbs moisture and other impurities.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of barium tungsten products, it is required not to be exposed to the atmosphere for more than 48 hours before use, and moisture, dust and other pollutants must be prevented from contacting the products to the greatest extent. To ensure the best performance, it is best to store the electrode under conditions of ≤0.1Pa or in dry inert gas (dry nitrogen or argon).

If necessary, use desiccant or humidity control devices to maintain desired humidity levels within the storage area. This is especially important if you live in an area with fluctuating humidity levels.

barium tungsten cathode photo

When the electrode absorbs too much moisture, spots may appear on the surface of the product during the heating process before subsequent use. This situation can be reduced or prevented by reducing the heating speed.

All operations on the electrodes should be performed in a very clean and dry environment. Oil or other contamination on your fingers will affect the activation of the electrodes and the performance of the final lamp.

barium tungsten cathode photo

The barium tungsten cathode has a wide operating temperature. When used under high temperature conditions, the emission current of the electrode is large, but the life span is short. When used under lower temperature conditions, the emission current is small, but the life span is longer.

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