Xianglu Tungsten Raised Long-term Contract Prices for Late September

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The tungsten powder and ammonium paratungstate (APT) prices stabilize but show signs of rise affected by the “dual control of energy consumption” policy of the Chinese government limiting the released of production capacity of some manufacturing companies. 

Manufacturers in the tungsten concentrate market have strong rised mentality affected by the carbon neutral and environmental checks; the APT market rebounds in the wake of restricted output of raw materials while the tungsten powder market stabilizes due to continued weakness in the demand side. 

Xianglu Tungsten released its long-term contract prices for the second half of September: 55% tungsten ore price was 16,984.1/ton; 55% scheelite concentrate price was $16,825.4/ton, unchanged from the first half of this month; APT price was $292.4/mtu, up $1.8/mtu from last time. 

Prices of tungsten products on September 28, 2021

APT price image

Picture of tungsten powder 

tungsten powder image

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