Hunan Nanmuxia Tungsten Mine’s License Cancelled by Ministry of Natural Resources

Tungsten mine is an irreplaceable national strategic resource. The metal is known as "industrial tooth" or "industrial salt" because both of its melting point and specific gravity are much higher than other metals, while its hardness is only second to diamond. Zixing City, Hunan Province is rich in black tungsten and scheelite resources. These rare resources once became a ready source of money for some local people.

In March 2009, Zixing City was listed as a "resource-exhausted city", because driven by huge profits, various local indiscriminate mining and digging phenomena emerged one after another, causing some mines to become riddled with holes and gradually fall into decline. The environment has also suffered severe damage, Nanmuxia Mine is one of the typical cases.

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The treatment of abandoned mines in Nanmuxia Tungsten Mine is one of the critical projects for the treatment of the geological environment in resource-exhausted urban mines in Zixing City in 2012 issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources. In order to repair the ecological problems such as exposed rock and open-air stone dumping yard, the abandoned mine of Nanmuxia Tungsten Mine in Dongjiang Town, Zixing Town, Hunan Province adopts ecological restoration methods using natural vegetation and adopts ecological restoration technology based on modern spraying.

The slope of tens of thousands of square meters is close to natural mountain forest vegetation to prevent slope slag and toxic and harmful substances from entering Dongjiang Lake. And the engineering project has achieved certain results.

The "Plan for Mineral Resources in Zixing City, Hunan Province (2016-2020)" proposes that during the planning period, the government would focus on the Sandu mining area, Nanmuxia tungsten mine, Dajiaoling lead-zinc mine, and quarries whose mining rights are canceled.

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According to the report on the rectification of outstanding problems in the ecological environment by the Bureau of Science, Technology and Industry and Information Technology of Zixing City, five non-ferrous metal mines, including the Nanmuxia Tungsten Mine in Dongjiang Town, Zixing City, cannot be processed due to the ecological red line. The registration procedures for the renewal of mining rights have been closed before June 30, 2014 in accordance with the requirements of relevant documents. Currently, there is no non-ferrous metal mining in Zixing City, Hunan province.