China's Tungsten Powder Market Rebounds in Late July

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ferro tungsten and tungsten carbide powder prices in China show signs of recovery, but the demand side seems weak, whichmay affect the continuity in the price rise. This week, the marker is expected to remain quiet. 

The tungsten concentrate suppliers have strong rised mentality due to relatively tight supply in the spot market and hot money boosting trading activity. But deals are still limited considering the pressure on the terminal side. Now the price consolidates at about $12,105.9 per ton. The manufacturers in the APT market also keep firm offer at $207.7 per mtu. Smelting factories try to avoid risk of price inversion considering the high production cost. For the tungsten powder market, the raw material side supports the stabilization in the market. Most insiders are not clear about the trend in the outlook and thus hold cautious sentiment.

Prices of tungsten products on July 28, 2020

tungsten carbide powder price image

Picture of tungsten needle 

tungsten needle image

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