"Hai Yang Liu Hao" Discovered Rare Earth and Cobalt-Rich Crust Samples

"Hai Yang Liu Hao" collected rare earth and cobalt-rich crust samples during its geological and geophysical survey of critical areas in the Northwest Pacific. This Chinese marine research vessel collected geological data and samples from the deep sea by using China's unmanned submersible "Haima", which can dive to a depth of 4,500 meters via remote control, and returned to Guangzhou after sailing for 35,000 kilometers of 122 days, according to the overseas website report.

Hai Yang Liu Hao marine research vessel image

Rare earth is not soil but is one of a set of seventeen chemical elements in the periodic table, specifically the fifteen lanthanides, as well as scandium and yttrium. It is also the "vitamin" of the modern industry. The manufacture of most high-tech weapons, including the five generations of aircraft and air defense missiles that we are familiar with, is inseparable from rare earths. China holds the world's largest rare earth reserves and excellent production technology.

However, a resource could be used up, China continues its efforts in deep-sea exploration and research.

unmanned submersible Haima image

In the first half of this year, for the first time, our scientific research team discovered a large area of rare earth-rich deposits in the Pacific Ocean. Two months later, "Hai Yang Liu Hao" was entrusted with the heavy task of exploration, and in the end, a cobalt-rich crust sample was found. It provides important basic data for further mining.

Cobalt is a crucial component in lithium-ion battery design, as well as an important element for making various characteristic alloys such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and magnetic properties. The blades of engines, nozzles, and parts of missiles all use cobalt. In all military fields, cobalt also plays an inestimable role.

the samples collected by the marine research vessel image

Besides, cobalt could also be created to a new type of nuclear weapon, cobalt bomb. This is the existence known as a "doomsday weapon." We all know that the lethality of atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs is mainly manifested in ultra-high temperature, shock waves, strong radiation, and electromagnetic pulses. But this power is released instantaneously and ends in a short time without causing much subsequent impact.

Such a horrific cobalt bomb could never be invented by human beings, for the scary harms to all humanity. "Hai Yang Liu Hao" discovered rare earth and cobalt-rich crust samples have great significance to the development of deep-sea mining.