Why China Shows No Interest in Western Underwater Bullet

The Norway DSG technology company has developed a new type of under water bullet for the United States, which can travel 60 meters under water, and the United States will buy the bullets in mass.

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Jon Andre Gallberg, chief executive of DSG technology company in Norway, said that at present, the company produces 5.56 millimeter, 7.62 millimeter and.50 caliber bullets, all using CAV-X technology. It's a pioneering technology that allows gunmen to shoot bullets underwater. This technology enables bullets to travel under water, thus achieving great advantages in underwater warfare.

Gallberg also introduced that CAV-X underwater bullets can also be used for air to air and air to water shooting. Recently, American warships have been harassed by Iran boats in the highly crowded Persian Gulf region. CAV-X underwater bullets will provide new capabilities for american warships to minimize the risk of United States or NATO ships in the war. What is the CAV-X technology? What is so special about underwater bullet?

What is the CAV-X technology?

Ordinary bullets generally lose all the damage about 1 meters under water, that is, the conventional bullets are not better than harpoons in the water.

In order to adapt to the complex combat environment in the future, all countries have developed underwater bullets. The underwater bullet studied by the DSG technology company in Norway, is said to have the world's most advanced technology, with a range of 15~60 meters.  The CAV-X technology is called "super cavitation technology" in our country. This bullet can split the flow and make a bubble, so that the bullet can go through underwater.

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What is the structure of underwater bullets?

The principle of CAV-X underwater bullets is slightly different from conventional bullets, and the secret is on the warhead. The bullet added a special bubble generator through the design of the tip shape. The appearance of a sustainable bubble was formed in the surface of a underwater object.  It is used to cover the surface of the object to reduce the surface contact area between the water and the surface of the object, thus greatly reducing the resistance. The bullet uses brass shell and tungsten core warhead. This requires the use of high-density tungsten alloy materials and the creation of supercavitation effects through a special warhead profile.

What are the advantages of CAV-X?

The advantage of the CAV-X underwater bullet is that the bullet can not only be shot in water, but also can be shot in the air, and its caliber is 5.56mm, 7.62mm and .50mm. It fits NATO's standard individual weapons and no longer has to be. In addition to supporting a special launcher, this is its leading advantage. Correspondingly, Chinese and Russian underwater gunmen have not developed much.

It is known that the underwater bullets currently being used by China and Russia originate from the former Soviet Union. The main projectile is also a tungsten material. The missile body is very long and has a range of 30 meters. The underwater firearms must be used. This kind of firearm can only be used in water. When used under land, there is almost no advantage on the land, and the US imperial bullets are suitable for any of their conventional firearms and are used for air, land and air. The gap is here.

Can this kind of bullet made in China?

The answer is yes. It is a matter of minutes to use our country’s manufacturing capabilities to create underwater bullets that “wear swimsuits”. This is not a king-poo to sell melon because the Chinese have long mastered super-cavitation technology. At the beginning of this century, China has created super-caved torpedoes. Even the United States recognizes that there is no way to stop such weapons. What's worse than this dish? China Tungsten Online editor believes that the new type of underwater bullets is not something that China cannot do, but it is temporarily not interested.