China’s Tungsten Price May Rise, But Limited by Low Operating Rate of Mines

Analysis of latest tungsten market in China from Chinatungsten Online: There are rare goods traded in the main production areas of tungsten concentrate. Though downstream companies are more willing to trading, spot goods mainly concentrate on traders. As the market price fails to reach the expectation, businesses have strong rised mentality.

APT companies now are mainly carrying out pre-orders, and thus goods in the market are limited. Mainstream APT price in Jiangxi is $308.3-310.1/mtu, $306.6-308.3/mtu in Hunan. And manufacturers stop quoting for the time being.

The change in tungsten powder price follows upstream raw material market. Tungsten raw material price climbing increases enterprises' production costs, which further higher product quotations. When downstream customers follow up the higher quotations, market trading is expected to increase.

Under the tight supply of tungsten raw materials, tungsten price shows signs of rise. But considering the whole demand, even manufacturers have good mentality, actual transactions do not increase. Chinatungsten Online forecasts that tungsten price may rise, limited by low operating rate of mines.

Prices of tungsten products on Mar. 08, 2018

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