Tungsten Carbide Powder Price on OCT.11, 2019

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Tungsten carbide powder price with purity over 99.70% from Chinatungsten Online is 36.00USD/KG, by Chinatungsten FOB Xiamen, OCT.11, 2019.

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Tungsten Powder Price on OCT.11, 2019

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Tungsten powder price with purity over 99.90% from Chinatungsten Online is 37.00 USD/KG, by Chinatungsten FOB Xiamen, OCT.11, 2019.

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Tungsten Fishing Sinkers Price –Sep. 27, 2019

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95%W 3/4 oz tungsten alloy fishing weight price is 1.50USD/PC on Sep. 27, 2019. Different tungsten fishing sinkers have different weights. According to different uses or places they are used, it may be as small as 1/32 of an ounce for applications in shallow water, and even smaller for fly-fishing applications, or as large as several pounds or considerably more for deep sea fishing. Then according to different anglers, the concentration of shape and weight is different too. 


Aerospace Tungsten Riveting Block Price on Sep. 27, 2019

aerospace tungsten riveting block picture

95WNiFe aerospace tungsten riveting block price which density is 18.0g/cm3 is 182.00USD/PC on Sep. 27, 2019. Our riveting blocks are normally made from tungsten heavy alloy. All edges are deburred and working surfaces are polished for troubles-free use. This helps to prevent marring of formed bucktails. Please notice that never hold a riveting block in a vise unless the vise jaws are equipped with protective covers to prevent damages. 


Tungsten Alloy Billet for Dart Price on Sep. 27, 2019

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90% Ø7.94x48.3mm tungsten alloy billet for dart price is 3.00USD/PC on Sep. 27, 2019. Tungsten alloy billet is the raw material of barrel. Many professional players realize the importance of dart barrel as it forms the main part of a dart. Dart billet is made of tungsten allot materials that have high density and small volume. 


Gold Plated Tungsten Zodiac Pig Price – Sep. 27, 2019

gold plated tungsten zodiac pig picture

Gold plated tungsten zodiac pig price is 107.50USD/PC on Sep. 27, 2019. We all know that the zodiac pig is one of the most blessed genus of the zodiac. Therefore, as early as the Lunar Year of the Pig, the crowds of various gold jeweler counters were squeezed out, just to select the "pig" element ornaments and ornaments. Someone bought it for themselves and their family. Our tungsten zodiac pig is coated with a layer of 24K gold on the surface, which is creative and unique to be a gift. 


Creative Tungsten Zodiac Pig Price on Sep. 27, 2019

creative tungsten zodiac pig picture

Creative tungsten zodiac pig price is 70.00USD/PC on Sep. 27, 2019. Creative tungsten zodiac pig is a trendy zodiac pig. Its design concept comes from life that we want to give the predecessors who have dedicated themselves to the company for ten years. A pig with smiling face and acute figure would be the best gift for friends and customers. 


High density Tungsten Alloy Cube Price on Sep. 27, 2019

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50x50x50mm high density tungsten alloy cube price is 244.00USD/KG on Sep. 27, 2019. Tungsten alloy cube is of very nice quality and it is very durable product. It has incredible strength, consistent durability and long-lasting value. It finds its wide application in military for making bullets, barrels, counterweights etc.


Tungsten Alloy Block Price – Sep. 27, 2019

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110x47x15mm tungsten alloy block price is 202.00USD/PC on Sep. 27, 2019. The composition of the rod is 95WNIFE with density of about 18.0g/cm3. The block is suitable for high-temperature environments and applications such as bearing assembly, ballast, casting, step soldering, and radiation shielding.


Bullet Tungsten Fishing Weight Price –Sep. 21, 2019

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95%W 1/4 oz bullet tungsten fishing weight price is 0.47USD/PC on Sep. 21, 2019. Tungsten is an ideal, environment-friendly and the best materials alternative to lead weights, which are toxic and increasingly known as an environmental hazard. Tungsten bullet weights are smaller than conventional weights as they are extremely dense, the volume is about 30 percent smaller than lead.




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