Tungsten Alloy Rod Price on Jul. 9, 2020

tungsten alloy rod picture

Ø40x20.5mm tungsten alloy rod price is USD38.00/PC on Jul. 9, 2020. The composition of the block is 92.5WNIFE with density of about 17.60g/cm3, which meets the international standard of ASTM B777. It has high density, good thermal stability, good radiation shielding performance, good corrosion resistance, and excellent reprocessing performance. These advantages make it suitable for many fields.


Environmental Tungsten Fishing Weight Price on Jul. 1, 2020

environmental tungsten fishing weight picture

95%W 1/2OZ environmental tungsten fishing weight price is 1.20USD/PC on Jul. 1, 2020. Delivering the performance and benefits of tungsten at an unbeatable price, the fishing weights provide anglers with an eco-friendly solution that helps maintain fisheries, while also offering improved fishing performance.


Aircraft Tungsten Bucking Bar Price on Jul. 1, 2020

aircraft tungsten bucking bar picture

95WNiFe aircraft tungsten bucking bar price which density is 18.0g/cm3 is 191.00USD/PC on Jul. 1, 2020. With conventional steel bucking bars, installing rivets in open areas has never been a problem, but when the rivet is in a confined space and the ability to use a heavy enough bar to properly install the rivet without work hardening is not possible, you can use our small yet heavy tungsten bucking bars.


Tungsten Dart Billet Price on Jul. 1, 2020

tungsten alloy dart billet picture

97% Ø6.35x54.6mm tungsten dart billet price is 2.80USD/PC on Jul. 1, 2020. Tungsten barrel is the main part in a dart, which is made in different shapes from cylinder. Its control in weight is very important for the accuracy of throwing. Created with tungsten alloy material, the barrel can reduce the volume while meeting the weight requirements. 


Tungsten Gold Plated Pig Price on Jul. 1, 2020

tungsten gold plated pig picture

Tungsten gold plated pig price is 108.00USD/PC on Jul. 1, 2020. The pig is coated with a layer of 0.3 microns of 24K gold on the surface of tungsten alloy pig. Each one is selected carefully after careful design and shaping, which is very suitable for new home decoration, collection and present to friends as gift. 


Tungsten Gold Pig Price on Jul. 1, 2020

tungsten gold pig picture

Tungsten gold pig price is 43.00USD/PC on Jul. 1, 2020. Tungsten gold pig made of tungsten alloy material has a unique texture. It is simple but looks classic and atmospheric; traditional but fashionable. Whether it is placed in the living room or bedroom can make the home elegant. The shape design is beautiful and generous, cute and blessed, which is a good choice to be a gift. 


Tungsten Alloy Cube Price on Jul. 1, 2020

tungsten alloy cube picture

5x5x5mm tungsten alloy cube price is 75.00USD/KG on Jul. 1, 2020. Tungsten cubes are made of metal powder using metallurgical technology at a specific high temperature. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, which makes it widely used in the military industry.


Tungsten Alloy Block Price on Jul. 1, 2020

tungsten alloy block picture

16x135x230mm tungsten alloy block price is USD470.00/PC on Jul. 1, 2020. The composition of the block is 90WNICU with density of about 17.00g/cm3, which meets the international standard of ASTM B777. The surface quality of the material is good without cracks and pits; its structure is stable with low impurities. 


Ammonium Paratungstate Price on JUNE 25, 2020

ammonium paratungstate photo

Ammonium paratungstate with WO3 content 88.5% price from Chinatungsten Online is $26.00/kg on JUNE 25, 2020.

ammonium paratungstate photo


Ferro Tungsten Price on JUNE 25, 2020

ferro tungsten photo

Ferro tungsten price with W content over 70% from Chinatungsten Online is 25,000 USD/MTU on JUNE 25, 2020.

ferro tungsten photo




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