Tungsten Zodiac Pig Price on Sep. 4, 2019

tungsten zodiac pig picture

Tungsten zodiac pig price is 70.00USD/PC on Sep. 4, 2019. This creative zodiac pig is made of tungsten alloy. It is bright with a smooth texture, is not thorny, does not scratch, almost does not change color, and is not easy to wear. It’s a good selection to use as a gift or as a collection.


Creative Tungsten Pig Price on Aug. 20, 2019

creative tungsten pig picture

Creative tungsten pig price is 70.00USD/PC on Aug. 20, 2019. The tungsten pig is a creative produce specially designed by Chinatungsten during the Year of Pig. The design concept comes from life that we want to give the predecessors who have dedicated themselves to the company for ten years. The pig with rich luck and good fortune can be regarded as gifts, ornaments and collections. 


Polished Tungsten Pig Price on Aug. 7, 2019

polished tungsten pig picture

Polished tungsten pig price is 70.00USD/PC on Aug. 7, 2019. The rich expression of the eyebrows and the smile makes the pig look more embarrassing. Its density is high with heavy weight up to 300 grams. The texture is full, the surface is bright and shiny and the hand feels smooth. The tungsten pig is an excellent playing piece. Free personalized custom lettering, engraved on the bottom of the motto, greetings, date, name, etc. for ornaments, gifts, collections, more commemorative.


Polished Tungsten Carbide Ring Price on July 30, 2019

polished tungsten carbide ring picture

Polished tungsten carbide ring price is 10.80USD/PC on July 30, 2019. This tungsten carbide flat-court ring has a high polish finish that is extremely tolerant to scratching. The surface of the ring is divided up into rectangular panels. Unlike other metals it will maintain its polish for many years.


Black Tungsten Ring Price on July 2, 2019

black tungsten ring picture

Black tungsten ring price is 13.90USD/PC on July 2, 2019. This style of tungsten ring is made from high grade cobalt-free black tungsten carbide. It has a conservative design that is flat with beveled edges. The center is brush finished, leaving the beveled edges polished for a subtle amount of shine. Tungsten carbide is the newest and strongest metal to be used in jewelry, ideal for men and women who are tired of rings that scratch easily. Its size can be made according to detail requirements. 


Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Price on June 18, 2019

tungsten carbide wedding ring picture

Tungsten carbide wedding ring price is 8.70USD/PC on June 18, 2019. Exotic black and blue carbon fiber is inlaid into Tungsten Carbide with nickel binder to create this line of superior quality comfort fit tungsten carbide rings. This ring is a flat style with beveled edges and is available in 6 mm, 8 mm or other customized sizes for couples who prefer a matching set of tungsten wedding bands. Tungsten carbide is extremely scratch resistant and is a great choice for those who want jewelry to be both maintenance free and worry free.


Diamond Faceted Tungsten Ring Price on May 31, 2019

diamond faceted tungsten ring picture

Diamond faceted tungsten ring price is 5.70USD/PC on May 31, 2019. This exquisite ring is made from high grade tungsten carbide that is ideal for men and women who are tired of rings that scratch easily. The fine craftsmanship of this handmade ring is evident in its 288 diamond shaped facets and lustrous fine polished finish. This ring can be worn as a wedding band or promise ring by men or women. This style is available in customized sizes for couples who want a matching pair.  


Black Domed Tungsten Wedding Band Price on May 21, 2019

black domed tungsten wedding band picture

Black domed tungsten wedding band price is 13.50USD/PC on May 21, 2019. This striking line of bands has a truly unique design. Its reflective black ceramic domed center is accentuated by its contrasting silver tungsten beveled edges, which give the rings a sporty and contemporary look. Black ceramic is more durable than black tungsten. It will not scratch and is black all the way through, not plated like black tungsten. This style is available in various sizes for couples who prefer a matching set.


Flat Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Price on Apr. 29, 2019

flat black tungsten carbide ring picture

Flat black tungsten carbide ring price is 12.50USD/PC on Apr. 29, 2019. This style is a flat pipe-cut shape black tungsten carbide ring with a brush finished center, and polish finished edges. This ring can be worn as a wedding band or promise ring by men or women and is available in 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm mm wide, for couples who want a matching set. The ring is very durable, but can be scratched.


Gold Plated Tungsten Polished Ring Price on Apr. 16, 2019

gold plated tungsten polished ring picture

Gold plated tungsten polished ring price is 19.00USD/PC on Apr. 16, 2019. Created in breathtaking gold plated tungsten, this ring is ideal for those who want a classy yet bold look. The beveled edges and interior are polished to perfection. The black center is embraced with a brushed finish, adding subtle texture. This ring is also made with a flat profile and a rounded inner shank for ultimate comfort and an easy slide. Gold plated jewelry is an excellent choice for people who want the rich look of gold at a more affordable price.




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