Lanthanum Tungsten Electrode Price – Jun. 30, 2017

lanthanum tungsten electrode image

Ø3.2x150mm lanthanum tungsten electrode price is 1.140USD/PC on Jun. 30, 2017. Lanthanum tungsten electrode is catalogued as WL15 and WL20 according to the different content of La2O3. 150mm and 175mm are two most regular lengths for both electrodes.

lanthanum tungsten electrode price image

lanthanum tungsten electrode image

Cerium Tungsten Electrode Price on May 25, 2017

cerium tungsten electrode image

WC20 cerium tungsten electrode price with Ø2.4x150.0mm is 0.695USD/pc, EXW XIAMEN, CHINA, May 25, 2017.The MOQ for this diameter under such price is 5,000pcs. Cerium tungsten electrode is ceriated wolfram electrode with CeO2 content of 1.7~2.2% is used in TIG welding, whose full name is tungsten insert gas welding. Tungsten electrodes can be divided by tip color by differing different doped rare earth and its content, such as cerium tungsten electrode is marked with grey tip and grade is marked with WC20 under standard of ISO6848.


Ø1.6x150.0mm Lanthanum Tungsten Electrode Price on Oct. 26, 2016

WL15 lanthanum tungsten electrode price with Ø1.6x150.0mm is 0.407USD/pc, EXW XIAMEN, CHINA, Oct. 26, 2016.

The MOQ for this diameter under such price is 5,000pcs.



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