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Spherical Tungsten Powder



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What Is Spherical Tungsten Powder?

Spherical tungsten powder is a kind of metal tungsten powder with spherical powder shape. It is the raw material for preparing tungsten processing materials, tungsten alloys and tungsten products.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Spherical Tungsten Powder:

Appearance is gray-black fine powder, melting point is about 3400 ℃, boiling point is about 5555 ℃, density is 19.3g/cm3 equivalent to gold, hardness is like diamond, reducibility is strong, purity is as high as 99.9%, bulk density is 11.6g/cm3, tapped Density 12.5g/cm3. Under normal circumstances, the higher the degree of spheroidization, the smaller the particle size and the narrower the particle size distribution of the powder, the better the powder flowability and the higher the bulk density.

Production Method of Spherical Tungsten Powder:

1) The product can be obtained by the secondary oxidation and re-reduction technology of tungsten powder.

2) Use the granulation and sintering method to produce spherical powder.

3) It can be prepared by rotating electrode DC arc plasma method.

4) Preparation of large particle powder from tungsten hexafluoride by vapor deposition method.

5) The ordinary tungsten powder is spheroidized and air-cooled with an inductively coupled plasma torch to obtain the product.

Spherical Tungsten Powder Application:

Spherical tungsten powder is the main raw material for the production of tungsten alloy, tungsten material and cemented carbide. W powder can be mixed with other metal powders to make tungsten alloy; W powder can be processed into tungsten materials such as tungsten rods, tungsten wires and tungsten bars; W powder can be made into tungsten carbide powder after carbon treatment, and tungsten carbide powder can be made into Cemented carbide tools such as milling cutters, drills and dies.

Spherical Tungsten Powder Packaging:

25kg or 50kg net weight, packed in double-layer polyethylene plastic bags inside, and plastic drums/iron drums as outer packaging; vacuum packaging or other net weight requirements, or the order weight is less than the standard packaging specifications, customized according to the actual situation; conventional packaging is Product name + batch number and other neutral text printing//writing, if you need personalized content, you can also customize.

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