Niobium-doped Nano Tungsten Oxide Material Preparation Method

The object of the present invention is a method for preparing niobium-doped tungsten oxide nano-materials for the deficiencies of the prior art and development, which is characterized by the introduction of transition metal ions niobium WO6 octahedral structure in the entire octahedral structure within large specific surface area, and changes the internal arrangement of nano tungsten oxide. The change of the electron holes and defects which change the tungsten oxide nano particles for UV absorption.


The production method of niobium-doped nano tungsten oxide materials comprising the steps of:
(1) At a concentration of 0.2 ~ 0.3mol/L solution of tungsten hexachloride, divide it into 4 to 10 parts, preferably 6 to 8 parts, place into polytetrafluoroethylene reactor. Secondary distilled water was added 12 ~ 20 parts, preferably 12 to 15 parts, stir it to fully dissolve;
(2) The above solution is added at a concentration of 0.05 ~ 0.lmol/L of niobium pentachloride in ethanol solution for 1~10 parts, preferably 4 to 8 parts, continue stirring and mixing up;
(3) At a concentration of 2~4mol/L of hydrochloric acid 1 ~ 5 parts, preferably 2 to 3 parts, and the concentration of 0.4 to 0.5mol/L ammonium sulfate solution of 28 to 35 parts, preferably 28 to 33 parts, was added to the reaction kettle polytetrafluoroethylene, stir for 0.5 ~ 1h;
(4) The Teflon reactor is sealed and placed in an oven program, heating and cooling rates of 1 ~ 2 / C/min at a temperature of 150 ~ 200° C and preferably 170 ~ 180 °C of hydrothermal treatment for 24 ~ 48h. Remove the reactor, cool to room temperature. The reaction product is washed with distilled water until neutral, respectively, at a temperature 80 ~ 100 ° C in an oven dried for 24 ~ 48h, then obtain niobium doped tungsten oxide nano materials.