Tungsten Oxide Micron Pipe Preparing Method

Tungsten oxide micron pipe has perfect structure and excellent electrical and mechanical properties in gas sensors, transparent electrically conductive electrode, electroluminescence and photoluminescence, etc. Compared with the conventional tungsten oxide material, the tubular structure has a larger surface--volume ratio. In the gas-sensing, electroluminescence and photoluminescence process, the surface material plays a major role, so the tubular structure is expected to significantly improve the performance of tungsten oxide in the above areas.

Tungsten Oxide


Currently, the technology for preparing the tungsten oxide of the tubular structure is still very limited. By using the electrode heating tungsten disulfide in an oxygen obtain a tubular structure of tungsten oxide. The method is mainly connected to the use of electro-polished at both ends of the tungsten electrode as a heating source. The ultrasonic tungsten disulfide powder dispersed in acetone, heated tungsten disulfide with a straw before acetone dispersed droplets to said tungsten, so that tungsten film is formed at both ends of the electrode conduction heating reacted. The entire reaction is carried out in a vacuum chamber, argon (Ar) as a shielding gas, are passed through a small amount of oxygen. This method allows the tungsten filament heated to 1100 ℃ -1400 ℃, obtained after the reaction at the surface of the tungsten wire of the tungsten oxide fiber and other nanostructures.

A process for producing tungsten oxide micron pipe, comprising the steps of:
(1) The tungsten substrate and water are placed in a heatable reaction chamber;
(2) Pass into the protective gas, air removed from the reaction chamber, and chamber pressure maintained at 0.35MPa to 0.45MPa;
(3) Heating the reaction chamber temperature to 1100 ~ 1300 ℃, and held for 30 to 45 minutes, in the growth of the tungsten oxide on tungsten substrate micron pipe, the chemical composition of WO3 · xH2O;
(4) The natural reaction chamber was lowered to room temperature, the chemical composition of micron pipe by WO3 · xH2O dehydration becomes hexagonal tungsten oxide: h-WO3.