Method for Preparing 5N Purity Tungsten Bar or Tungsten Wire

The invention discloses a method for preparing a 5N purity tungsten bar or tungsten wire.

The method includes the following steps that (1) tungsten powders with above 5N purity are filled in a soft mold to be subjected to isostatic cool pressing to obtain an isostatic cool pressing blank; and (2) the isostatic cool pressing blank obtained in the step (1) is subjected to bar or wire manufacturing to obtain the 5N purity tungsten bar or tungsten wire. The tungsten bar or tungsten wire prepared by the method has the advantages that the purity can reach to above 5N (99.999%), and the tungsten bar or tungsten wire can be used for producing an electrode of a long service life gas discharge lamp. The method is high in production efficiency, stable in product qualities and suitable for industrialized production.


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