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Violet Tungsten Oxide (Purple Tungsten Oxide)



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What Is Purple Tungsten Oxide?

Purple tungsten oxide (WO2.72 or W18O49, Purple Tungsten Oxide or Violet Tungsten Oxide, VTO for short) is a kind of tungsten oxide, which is a purple finely divided crystal powder with a molecular weight of 227.36.

Physical And Chemical Properties Of Purple Tungsten Oxide:

Appearance: purple or blue-purple broken crystal powder

Solubility: Insoluble in water, alcohol and most acids, soluble in ammonia and lye.

Preparation method of purple tungsten oxide:

The preparation of violet tungsten oxide is usually produced by controlling certain reducing conditions using ammonium paratungstate (APT), tungstic acid or tungsten trioxide (WO3) as raw materials. The preparation methods of violet tungsten usually include APT wet hydrogen direct reduction method, hydrogen tungstate reduction method, and APT mild reduction method.

Uses of purple tungsten oxide:

1. Preparation of tungsten powder, especially the preparation of nanometer, submicrometer or ultrafine tungsten powder.

2. Applied to gas sensor, showing good gas sensitivity to nitrogen dioxide at room temperature.

3. Preparation of tungsten carbide powder and ultrafine WC-Co powder.

4. Raw materials for the production of glass thermal insulation coating dispersions.

5. Additives for cathode materials of lithium batteries.

Purple Tungsten Oxide Packaging:

25kg or 50kg net weight, packed in double-layer polyethylene plastic bags inside, and plastic drums/iron drums as outer packaging; vacuum packaging or other net weight requirements, or the order weight is less than the standard packaging specifications, customized according to the actual situation; conventional packaging is Product name + batch number and other neutral text printing//writing, if you need personalized content, you can also customize.

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