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What Is Tungsten Hexachloride?

Tungsten hexachloride is a compound of tungsten and chlorine, the English name is tungsten hexachloride, the chemical formula is WCl6, and the molecular weight is 396.61. Under normal circumstances, the content of tungsten is not less than 46%, and the content of chlorine is not less than 53%.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Tungsten Hexachloride:

Appearance is dark blue or blue-purple fine-crystalline powder, easily soluble in carbon disulfide, soluble in ether, ethanol, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, easily decomposed by hot water, and oxidized by oxygen in the air to form tungsten oxychloride or tungsten oxychloride when heated. Tungsten oxide, and WCl6 containing tungsten oxychloride is easily decomposed by water vapor, and is reduced by hydrogen under high temperature conditions to precipitate tungsten powder.

Production Process of Tungsten Hexachloride:

1) Pretreatment of raw materials. The large particle tungsten powder is obtained by screening or sintering, the chlorine gas is purified and preheated at the same time, and the large particle activated carbon is screened for dehydration and deoxidation treatment in a high temperature chlorine atmosphere.

2) Crude tungsten hexachloride. The tungsten powder and chlorine react at the bottom of the chlorination furnace, and the generated tungsten hexachloride and tungsten chloride impurities flow out through the gas outlet in the form of steam.

3) Refining of tungsten hexachloride. The activated carbon is filled in the refining furnace, the steam generated by the chlorination furnace and the purified high-temperature chlorine gas of 5%-20% are refined in the refining furnace, and the tungsten oxychloride and low-valent tungsten chloride in the steam are reduced to tungsten hexachloride to obtain the refined steam.

4) Condensation reception. The refined steam enters the receiver, and the temperature of the cooling water is controlled to obtain high-purity tungsten hexachloride powder, and the exhaust gas is discharged.

5) Exhaust gas treatment. The tail gas is absorbed by the sodium hydroxide solution in the tail gas absorption tank, and the purified tail gas is discharged up to the standard.

Tungsten Hexachloride Application:

Used for tungsten plating by vapor deposition; used to prepare single crystal tungsten wire, conductive layer on glass surface; used as olefin polymerization catalyst; used for tungsten purification and organic synthesis; widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, petroleum catalysis and smart glass and other industries .

Tungsten Hexachloride Packaging:

25kg or 50kg net weight, packed in double-layer polyethylene plastic bags inside, and plastic drums/iron drums as outer packaging; vacuum packaging or other net weight requirements, or the order weight is less than the standard packaging specifications, customized according to the actual situation; conventional packaging is Product name + batch number and other neutral text printing//writing, if you need personalized content, you can also customize.

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