China Tungsten Market Is Quiet on Weak Consumer Appetite

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

Opening this week, the China tungsten market was caught in wait-and-see atmosphere. The new guide prices from Ganzhou Tungsten Association and listed tungsten companies were raised slightly, boosting market confidence, but the adjustment was limited, showing a more conservative mindset of raw material manufacturers. 


High-End Molybdenum Targets Make LCD Screen Brighter and Thinner

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Molybdenum targets in the production line of Luoyang Sifon Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. (Sifon Electronic) have successively rolled off these days. These high-end targets are destinated to the well-known domestic LCD screen manufacturers, such as Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Huaxing Optoelectronics.


China's Ganzhou Tungsten Raised Tungsten Average Forecast Prices for December

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The tungsten average forecast prices from China's Ganzhou Tungsten Association and offer levels from listed tungsten companies were released gradually, which were raised slightly compared with the ones in November. But the adjustment is limited and is not expected to affect current price trend greatly. 


Praseodymium Neodymium Metal Prices - Dec. 9, 2019

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The terbium oxide, praseodymium oxide and praseodymium neodymium metal prices in the Chinese market rise slightly despite of thin market trading. In the light rare earth market, the overall performance is poor. Under the situation of good news and insufficient stimulation, magnetic materials companies basically maintain rigid demand, but due to the constraints of the flow of spot resources and the gradual consumption of low-cost sources in the market, most suppliers offer firm prices; 


Molybdenum Powder Price - December 9, 2019

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The molybdenum prices in China mainly remain stable in the week began on Monday December 9, 2019 on deadlocked supply and demand and low trading activity. In the concentrate market, the trading atmosphere on the market is more optimistic. Under the tight supply of molybdenum concentrate, mining companies generally have a strong attitude to raise prices, and the market outlook is good.


China's Largest Tungsten Production and Processing Site Will Locate in Haicang

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China's largest tungsten material production and processing base will be built at the junction of Dongfu West Road and Yinong Road in Haicang, according to the Southeast Network. Haicang District commenced the construction of key projects in the fourth quarter of 2019 on December 6, which are 11 projects including Xiamen Jinlu Cemented Carbide Industrial Park, with a total of 6.92billion yuan investment, and the annual planned investment about 1.46 billion yuan.


Tungsten Carbide Powder Prices Show Signs of Rise in Early December

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The tungsten carbide powder and ferro tungsten prices in the Chinese market show signs of rise despite of thin market trading and low trading activity. In early December, both buyers and sellers take a watchful stance, waiting for new guidance from tungsten institutions and listed companies. 


Tungsten and Cobalt Hard-Metal Lung Disease Diagnosed in E-Cigarette User

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E-cigarette may cause tungsten and cobalt hard-metal lung disease, according to foreign media reports, a new case study conducted in Europe warns that e-cigarettes and other vaping devices may cause scarring in the lungs normally only found in metals workers. The research has been published by the European Lung Foundation. The study noted that hard-metal lung disease, a rare lung disease that results from inhaling hard metal particles, was identified in a person who used vaping devices.


Tungsten Powder Market in China Keeps Stable on Weak Demand

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

Chinese tungsten prices are unchanged from the previous trading day. Although confidence in the raw material markets is boosted, market participants remain cautious to the market outlook. In the short term, mainstream tungsten product prices will hover around new offer levels from listed tungsten companies. 


Praseodymium and Neodymium Metal Prices - Dec. 5, 2019

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The praseodymium oxide, dysprosium oxide and praseodymium and neodymium metal prices in the Chinese market edge higher on Dec. 15, 2019. With the limited release of light and heavy rare earth ore production capacity and the low raw material inventory of downstream users, the prices of some products have been pushed up slightly, but the actual transactions are still weak. 




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