Tungsten Price – Aug. 18, 2017

tungsten carbide powder image

tungsten carbide powder image

Tungsten price in China this week mainly rises or falls at a very small range. The market turnover is still flat. Affected by raw material speculation enthusiasm, price of tungsten products at the beginning of this week showed a slight increase. However, as the demand has not increase and the market becomes cautious, raw material takes a consolidation pattern.


Terbium Oxide Price – Aug. 18, 2017

terbium oxide image

Rare earth price in China temporarily maintain stability. Price of Dy variety has callback. Recently, the quotation of rare earth materials is rather confusing. And the volume in market is low. As the pressure of cracking down on speculation and profiteering still exists, the supply contraction remains unchanged.


Narrowed Fluctuation Range of Tungsten Price

tungsten concentrate image

Yesterday, the overall tungsten market in china products tends to a wait-and-see mode. The fluctuation range of mainstream tungsten price relatively narrowed. Affected by the shortage of raw materials, currently the market purchasing enthusiasm is low.


Rare Earth Price – Aug. 17, 2017

rare earth image

Rare earth price in China maintains stability. Price of praseodymium neodymium variety is still on the rising. The rare earth plate has callback, while the permanent magnet plant shows a drop of 3%.


Threading Options for Tungsten Carbide Tools

tungsten carbide tools picture

Shops have options when it comes to hard threading. However, specialist says most of them involve multiple operations and tools, each of which presents the risk of human error, a possible increase in cycle times and a probable hindrance of part consistency.


Tungsten Carbide Nozzle for Ship Market Research

tungsten carbide nozzle picture

Tungsten carbide nozzle for ship market research report is a professional and comprehensive study on the existing state of the tungsten carbide nozzle for ship industry. The tungsten carbide nozzle for ship market report provides a basic overview of the tungsten carbide nozzle for ship industry including definitions, classifications, applications and chain structure.


Tungsten Products Price - Aug. 16, 2017

tungsten powder image

Tungsten price in China sustains the growth this week. Supply crunches of raw material have not improved, but even intensified. Influenced by raw materials that are difficult to obtain and little demand, smelters’ quotations are slightly deadlocked.


Dysprosium Oxide Price - Aug. 16, 2017

dysprosium oxide image

Rare earth price in China sustains steady growth, and the performance of permanent magnetic plates is strong. Industry believes that under the influence of improved downstream demand, contracted supply, low inventory and many other factors, rare earth price in afternoon market will be strong.


Strong Tungsten Market

scheelite image

scheelite image

Tungsten market in China maintained stability last week. The supply of raw materials is still tight, strongly supporting the tungsten price. But due to the limited downstream orders, the price is relatively slow to follow up.


Europium Oxide Price - Aug. 15, 2017

europium oxide image

Rare earth price continues to be strong. Sinolink Securities reports that prices of praseodymium neodymium oxide, terbium oxide and dysprosium oxide in the last week were respectively 510,000 (+95,000), 4,150,000 (+0) and 1,550,000 (+210,000) RMB/ton.




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