Tungsten Disulfide Powder Added to Lubricating Materials

Tungsten disulfide powder has excellent lubricity and high temperature resistance, so it is usually added to lubricating materials. The lubricating materials with tungsten disulfide powder have better lubrication performance and longer service lives.

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Liquid lubricating materials (lubricating oil), semi-solid lubricating materials (lubricating greases) and solid lubricating materials are the three main types of lubricating materials.

When lubricating oil is circulating in the closed system, it not only ensures that the friction parts are in good lubrication state, but also takes the heat and products produced by friction away from the working face. However, it is easy to deteriorate after being used for a period of time, which is caused by the oxidation of itself and the influence of external factors during use. Lubricating oil will be useless in case of the deterioration.

Lubricating grease is suitable for parts that open and exposed. It is widely used in navigation and communication equipment, bearings, valves, etc. But, lubricating grease is also prone to oxidation and deterioration during use---base oil decreases, and sometimes lubrication failure occurs.

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Tungsten disulfide powder is a kind of solid lubricating material. With low friction coefficient and good resistance to high temperature and extreme pressure, it has good lubricating performance under bad operation conditions. Therefore, it can be added to lubricating oil or lubricating greases to improve their lubricating performance, which will decrease the oxidation and deterioration during lubrication.

The addition of tungsten disulfide powder involves the following steps:

Step One: Clean and degrease the parts.

Step Two: Tungsten disulfide powder is added to lubricating oil or lubricating greases.

Step Three: When parts move, tungsten disulfide powder will be slowly coated on the surface by pressure friction.

Step Four: When it is necessary to replace the lubricating material, tungsten disulfide powder should be added to the new one again.