Tungsten Alloy Block Price on NOV.20,2023

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Tungsten Alloy Block


Dimension: 80x70x20mm

Composition: 97%WNIFE


Price:USD220.00/pc EXW, XIAMEN, CHINA

Payment:100% T/T in advance

Delivery Time: in 35 working days


Re-check when specification and quantity changed

Specification can be customized!


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Tungsten alloy block can be made into weapon parts, molds and counterweights, such as speedboat counterweights, vehicle counterweights, aircraft counterweights, helicopter counterweights, marine counterweights and tank counterweights, etc.

Dies are mainly used for forming techniques in material processing, including pressing the workpiece with the die, thereby reducing the cross-section and increasing the length. Due to its high melting point and good corrosion resistance, tungsten alloy block is the best raw material for making molds.

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Tungsten alloy block photo