New energy vehicles to drive growth of rare earth materials

Future impact of modern industry is the basic substance, must ultimately special metal functional materials, and rare earth functional materials is the most important one.

Most of China's rare earth mining enterprises located in a large area. In the core area of ​​rare earth resources, China's rare earth industry formed three bases and two major north-south pattern of rare earth production system. Three bases are located in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and Jiangxi Ganzhou MIANNING represented by seven southern provinces. Including header and mianning region dominated by light REE, and Jiangxi provinces in southern seven heavy rare earth-based. Two production systems, namely the northern light rare earth-based process system and to the south of the heavy rare earth-based process system.

In the new materials industry, "second five" key catalog among the rare earth functional materials selected 25 species, including rare earth magnetic materials and rare earth luminescent materials accounted for 50% of the total.

"Twelfth Five-Year Plan" that, "Twelve Five" period, China is expected to require a total of 40,000 tons of rare earth permanent magnet materials. New energy field, 2015 cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles will be more than 500,000, according to every need of new energy vehicles 60kw rare earth permanent magnet 3 kg basis, totaling 1,500 tons of rare earth permanent magnet. During the second five efforts to achieve the output value of new materials more than 25% annual growth target. Organizational development of high energy product rare earth permanent magnet materials, new production processes, promoting high coercivity, high temperature NdFeB magnets and samarium cobalt magnets, Sm-Fe-N isotropic bonded magnet powder and industrialization, the new permanent Material production capacity 20,000 tons / year.

In foreign countries, of rare earth resources had already been applied to the high-tech military which. Rare is the manufacture of precision-guided weapons, radar and night-vision goggles and other weaponry indispensable element. U.S. "Patriot" missiles to intercept incoming missiles precisely the reason why, thanks to the guidance system used about 4 kg of tungsten-cobalt magnets and titanium boron magnets; U.S. "Aegis" system of spy-1 radar is also used made by the Chinese rare earth magnets. Without these elements, these weapons will blindness.

In the domestic capital markets, be more concerned with the rare earth elements is the development of energy-efficient hybrid interlocking.

And other new materials, like the bottleneck problem faced by the current development of domestic rare earth faces two major problems, one lower grade of products, irrational industrial structure; Second, marketing is not wide enough, not enough widespread application of rare earth products, which are in need of technical progress to give support. "Planning" also mentioned the need to increase R & D investment, focusing on new materials R & D investment accounted for 5% of sales revenue, and built a number of new materials engineering and technology research and development and public service platform.

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