ChinaRare Earth is Aiming “Quantitative Chain” and Create “Magnetic Capital” Card

Today, our impression of Baotou is no longer limited to “Going West”, but also “Rare Earth Capital”, “Rare Earth High-tech Zone”, “China Magnetic Capital” and “China Magnetic Valley” and so on! Although, the perseverance of the West Exit and the generosity of the Mongolian nation have been integrated into the blood of the city of Baotou, leaving an immortal legend.

China rare earth high tech zone picture

In other words, the development of the times is changing rapidly, and the rare earth industry needs to change as it moves forward. Baotou, as an important producing area of rare earths in China, has the only national high-tech zone in the country named Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone. In recent years, it is vigorously developing the rare earth application terminal industry and striving to achieve the rare earth “quantity”. Expansion, "quality" improvement and "chain" extension, strive to create "magnetic capital" business card, and strive to build a national rare earth new material industry base. “Quantity, quality and chain” provide important support for Baotou to create “the world's rare earth industry capital”. This is a mission, it is a challenge!

Of course, “quantity, quality, and chain” are not only the development model of Baotou's rare earth industry, but also can be emulated in other regions, because this model can continuously improve the local conversion rate of rare earth resources and improve the quality, added value and technology of rare earth products. Content and so on. From then on, we are no longer just "boring and selling soil." The rare earth industry will not stop at the development and utilization of primary rare earth raw materials, but will sprint toward the direction of “high-grade new materials in rare earths”. In other words, Baotou will gradually realize that the rare earth industry is gradually moving towards the middle and high-end butterfly.

Baotou rare earth high tech zone picture

As the pilot area for the development of China's rare earth industry, Baotou will continue to polish the "Rare Earth Industry", a gold-plated signboard, and strive to create a three-billion-scale industrial cluster for the trading of magnetic materials, tantalum and rare earth alloys, rare earths and their products. "Strengthen the promotion of high-quality development of the rare earth industry."

Expansion of Rare Earth "Quantity"

The people in the rare earth industry said: "Catching the magnetic material is to seize the backbone of the rare earth industry. Because more than 70% of the national rare earth output value comes from magnetic materials." Therefore, the Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone "acts" Magnetic technology is used to drive magnetic applications, magnetic materials are used to drive magnetic materials, and magnetic materials projects are actively promoted to achieve efficiency. Rare earth magnetic applications include permanent magnet motors, nuclear magnetic resonance instruments, and the like.

rare earth permanent magnet motor picture

Not only that, the high-tech zone also actively promotes the comprehensive application of lanthanum cerium, the introduction of rare earth nickel-hydrogen power battery project of new energy pure electric bus. This will promote the complete localization of new energy vehicles in Baotou and even the autonomous region in the future, and greatly increase the local conversion rate of base metals. The high-tech zone also contributes to the development of rare earth alloys. Lanthanum cerium comprehensive applications and rare earth alloy applications include wires, rare earth heating materials, rare earth thermal storage materials, magnetic refrigeration materials, etc.

rare earth catalytic material picture

In addition, Baotou High-tech Zone has also accelerated the industrial development of rare earth polishing powder, and the production of polishing powder is striving to reach 50,000 tons. Rare earth polishing materials are used in rare earth polishing powders, polishing fluids - sapphire chips, electronics and semiconductor applications. In addition, the high-tech zone has also promoted the construction of catalytic materials industry such as the North Rare Earth Catalytic Industrial Park, and hopes to expand the rare earth catalytic material industry. Catalyst additives industry applications include rare earth catalytic materials, rare earth additives - petroleum catalytic cracking, automotive exhaust gas purification, desulfurization and denitrification products, modified plastics, polymer materials, catalytic converters and other additives. Not only that, but Baotou is also striving to develop the rare earth colorant industry, promote the coloring agent project to put into production and increase efficiency, and strive to produce more than 1,000 tons of pigment per year.

Baotou rare earth mine picture

The above is the efforts of the high-tech zone to achieve quantitative expansion.