Rare Earth Scrap Radiation Indication Is Low, Malaysia Can’t “Drive” Lynas

Researchers say rare earth scrap radiation is low that Lynas can’t be driven away, the company believes that they can continue to operate. After inviting them to invest and Malaysia cannot “drive away” them, only because one party does not accept expert research.

Lynas Corporation, Ltd. is an Australian rare-earths mining company, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as a S&P/ASX 200 company. It has two major operations: a mining and concentration plant at Mount Weld, Western Australia, and a refining facility at Kuantan, Malaysia.

factory view of Lynas Advanced Materials Plant in Malaysia image

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir said that the company has invested more than 1 billion MYR in Malaysian business operations, only that the waste from the rare earth production process is reported to be radiation.

He said: "Expert research reports that the radiation of rare earth scrap is at a very low level and is not dangerous to health, and it believes that there are ways to reduce the little radiation."

He said: "We brought in (investing), and then we drove people out. Others said that we promised, but when problems came out and I rushed investors... Not like that."

Dr. Mahathir pointed out to the Malaysian media after his two-day working visit to Fukuoka on Thursday. He said foreign direct investors are paying attention to the government's actions against Lynas.

He said: "If we drive away the foreign investors of Lynas, other (foreign investors) will not come (Malaysia). Because there are things we don't like... then we call them (investors). Who (investors) are coming, they need to be sure."

Mahathir also said that if the radiation of rare earth waste is dangerous, about 600 local engineers in Malaysia will also get sick. He said: "It is an expert who carries out the report, but one party does not accept the decision of the expert. If we want expert to conduct research, but refuse, this becomes a problem. It is called the use of expert to conduct research."

a general view of Lynas Advanced Materials Plant in Malaysia image

If this company is closed, in addition to losing the investment, 600 local employees will also be unemployed. Mahathir said: "The 600 employees of the factory are our people, they are not afraid the rare earth scrap, and demand (operation) to continue." It's expected that Lynas will continue operations in Malaysia.