China Molybdenum Concentrate Price - Aug. 8, 2019

The growing premium in China's molybdenum and vanadium alloy prices to Europe has sparked a price rebound in western-grade material as this signals a potential increase in export demand from Asia-Pacific.

A shortage of molybdenum concentrate's supply in China lifted the ferro-molybdenum market, while the rising cost of vanadium pentoxide, the raw material used to produce ferro-vanadium, pushed vanadium alloy prices higher.

This also resulted in a sharp increase in Chinese export prices, which creates an opportunity for international markets to take advantage of the widening price arbitrage to China. European sellers are witnessing increased purchases of ferro-molybdenum from Chinese steelmakers. China is the world's biggest producer and consumer of molybdenum. 

Prices of molybdenum products on Aug. 8, 2019

molybdenum concentrate price image

Picture of molybdenum powder

molybdenum powder image

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