Accurately Extract of 80% Rare Earth Elements from Phosphate Mine Waste in Five Minutes

Precision Periodic announced the success of the Florida Institute of Industry and Phosphates project, which uses a reusable Thor nano-filtration system to capture, extract and separate rare earth elements (REEs) from phosphoric acid and waste products. The filter captured 40-60% of the rare earth element and radioactive element in one pass from the wet process phosphoric acid in 5 minutes, and captured 80% of the rare earth element in one pass from the sulfuric acid leaching waste in 5 minutes.

According to Brian J Andrew, CEO of Precision, "Successful testing projects have proven that Thor nano-filtration technology can change the rules of our game for the production of rare earths." He continued, "Phosphate contains 150 ppm of total rare earth. Based on our extraction capacity, we can extract 75 grams of rare earth per 1000 liters of phosphoric acid from phosphate rock. This is equivalent to a phosphate mine in Florida that produces 230 metric tons of rare earth per year, which will provide an estimated 25% of US annual military demand."

The Florida Industrial and Phosphate Institute provided liquids from two different sources for the pilot project. The first is a wet process phosphoric acid containing radioactive elements and the second is a sulfuric acid leaching solution of sludge waste. The Thor nano-filtration system captures 45-55% of the radioactive elements, which goes beyond the goal of identifying waste for other uses.laboratory image

Unlike other REE filters, heavy metals are not a matter of precision periodicity. In addition to the rare earth filter, there is another version of the precision cycle that filters out heavy metals. “The throughput through the filter is unlimited and can be designed around any application. The largest filter currently handles 9000 gallons per hour. This size filter can hold between 0.5 and 1.2 kg of rare earth, precious metals or heavy metals. The filter can use thousands of cycles before it needs to be re-adjusted or replaced."

According to Precision, it works with the company to provide filtration capabilities for the extraction and refining of rare earth elements and precious metals. REE filters are currently available for collaborative projects.