Tungsten "Mjolnir" from Marvel Comics Has Been Created in Reality

A tungsten mjolnir from Marvel Comics has been made by a foreign Youtuber in real world, as president of Marvel Comics Kevin Feige announced that "Avengers: Endgame" will back to theater with new elements, many props in the movie have been made out by a foreign Youtuber, a crazy fan of Marvel. This mjolnir made by tungsten is very heavy and may not even be lifted by Thor with one hand.

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Comics, announced in June that " Avengers: Endgame " will be added new elements and back screen, this news made Marvel fans extremely excited! However, a foreign famous Youtuber is even more crazy, the Iron Man's armor, the shield of Captain America, and the mjolnir of Thor are all created by him in real life, and the mjolnir is made by tungsten with a nearly 100% revivification!

The Youtuber, named James Hobson a.k.a the Hacksmith, is an inventor who loves designing and creating innovative things. He created a “Make It Real” part on his personal channel of Youtube, aiming to make fictional elements in comics, movies and games become real.

tungsten mjolnir made by Hacksmith image

Till now, he has successfully created the claws of the Wolverine, the armor of Iron Man, the claw hook of Batman, the shield of Captain America, the mantra of Wonder Woman, and many other numerous prototypes.

What the Hacksmith is doing recently is to build the world's heaviest weapon, Thor's famous equipment, the mjolnir!

In fact, he made a 1:1 replica of the 33kg mjolnir with his team a few years ago, but this record was quickly surpassed by another challenger who made 41kg, in order to recapture on the throne of the championship, Hacksmith decided to abandon the original lead metal material and build it with tungsten material for which a density increased by nearly 1.7 times. His goal is to create a powerful weapon weighing almost 50 kilograms!

Finally, at the cost of spending 10,000 US dollars, he succeeded in making a mjolnir weighing 51.8 kilograms. It means that even adult males are not so easy to lift it up with their hands.

Hacksmith said that he has achieved the goal now, the next step is to give the hammer to the only person who can use it in real life - the strongest man on the planet "Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson", and he is also well known in the American drama "Game of Thrones" plays the role of "Magic Mountain".

In the Hacksmith 's Youtube channel, you can really open your eyes and see that he has turned many incredible things from the movie into real. Like Hacksmith, tungsten is also amazing, it can be used in many places, and some you may never have thought about it.