Sodium Molybdate Price - May 8, 2019

Molybdenum market quotation in China: the latest prices of ferromolybdenum, molybdenum concentrate and molybdenum oxide rose slightly while sodium molybdate price edged lower in the week on Wednesday May 8. At the beginning of this month, steel mills were active in tender of ferro molybdenum, large miners raised their new offer levels and traders have strong rised mentality. But considering the weak terminal market, market trading did not increase. 

In the steel tenders, Zenith Steel Group issued buy tender for 100 tons of ferro molybdenum at RMB 119,000/t; Hysteeltube issued buy tender for 30 tons at RMB 119,500/t; Baotou Steel Group planned to buy 500 tons at RMB 120,000/t; ZPSS planned to tender 100 tons at RMB 119,000/t; Hunan Steel Group planned to tender 90 tons at RMB 120,500/t; Tianjin Seamless Steel Tube Plant to tender 300 tons at RMB 122,000/t.

Prices of molybdenum products on May 8, 2019

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Picture of molybdenum powder

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