China Tungsten Market Is Weak Owing to Low Buying Appetite

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

A listed tungsten company released its new offer levels for the first half of March: wolframite concentrate (WO3≥55%) was quoted at $15,076.9/t; up $76.9/t from last month; scheelite concentrate (WO3≥55%) was quoted at $14,923.1/t, up $76.9/t; ammonium paratungstate (APT) was quoted at $267.7/mtu; unchanged. 

Tungsten prices in China remain stable on deadlocked supply and demand, and thin market trading. On the one hand, production in mines is affected by China’s Two Sessions, maintaining at a relatively low level, plus with sellers’ strong rised mentality, tungsten concentrate price is strong; on the other hand, the external economic environment is unstable, domestic terminal demand is weak, purchasers seek for low-price resources. The demand is hardly to be improved. 

Taken together, China tungsten market is in a stalemate at present and is expected to be caught in wait-and-see atmosphere without further guidance from the market.

Prices of tungsten products on Mar. 15, 2019

ammonium paratungstate price picture

Picture of tungsten trioxide 

tungsten trioxide picture

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