the Brake System Will Highlight Competition of the German Cars

In November 22nd, the famous BOSCH company issued a car brake system called iDisc. It is worth noting that the iDisc brake system uses a tungsten carbide sprayed brake disc, cleaner and more efficient. The future system is expected to be a great magic weapon for the German family car to cope with the fierce competition in the global car market.

tungsten carbide coating brake system image

What is the advantage of iDisc? We all know the necessity of maintaining the moving parts and external costs of vehicles. But what about the environmental cost? BOSCH's iDisc braking system is designed to help reduce the environmental impact of one of the most commonly used items in automobile production, that is, the brake system.

Disc brake is one of the most widely used brake systems nowadays. They are not only better than drum brakes, but also much easier to maintain. So almost all the current car manufacturers use disc brake. In 2016, there were more than 330 million vehicles on disc brake.

Disc brake is one of the main sources of pollutants generated by automobiles. As cars stop, the small particles of the brake dust and other substances will be raised in the air. According to BOSCH, 32% of the inhalable particles in the road are emitted from the disc brake, and the impact on the environment is even less than the tail gas. So, after a long period of research, they found the solution, that is, iDisc vehicle braking system.

BOSCH said that the highlight of the iDisc automotive brake system is the use of tungsten carbide coating technology. In the automotive industry, tungsten carbide is a high temperature resistant, friction resistant high hardness metal raw material. Because of this characteristic, tungsten carbide coating technology is widely used in the key equipment parts of aviation, nuclear, mechanical and other industries. The wear protection of the friction surface, the aircraft brake system uses the tungsten carbide layer technology, and they are just applying aeronautical technology to the automobile industry again.

The structure of iDisc is made of carbide tungsten carbide coating after mechanical, heat treatment and electroplating treatment of the friction ring of the disc. The brake disc rotor coated with tungsten carbide material can eliminate up to 90% of the brake dust without losing the braking efficiency. The iDisc brake system has the performance of the ceramic brake system, which has many advantages compared with the traditional cast iron brake disc, for example, more stable, more durable, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain.

BOSCH also said that the only disadvantage of the iDisc brake system is that the current price is about three times higher than the standard cast iron, but its price is only 1/3 of the ceramic brake system. Perhaps, it may be said that the iDisc brake system is a compromise and cost-effective brake scheme. BOSCH said it would start producing iDisc for a nameless carmaker last month, although it did not provide more specific details, but from the introduction of China Tungsten Online, everyone should know that the carmaker is Porsche. The 2019 edition of the Cayenne has adopted the iDisc brake system, and Porsche calls it a Porsche table. The surface coated brake (PSCB) has become a major selling point of the vehicle.

For the future of the iDisc brake system, BOSCH is confident that the cost of the iDisc brake system will be reduced quickly as the process improves and the adoption rate increases. In the future, the owning tungsten carbide coating iDisc will become a new market standard, and perhaps all future cars will eliminate the old disc brake. Car system, marked with the iDisc brake system. 

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