Thin Trading Limits the Rise in Tungsten Concentrate Price

Analysis of latest tungsten market in China from Chinatungsten Online: Many mines and smelting factories are gradually stopping production, so the supply of tungsten concentrate is short and price keeps firm. But considering the thin market trading, the price maintains stability. 65% wolframite concentrate was quoted at $17,054-17,209/t; 65% scheelite concentrate was $16,744-16,899/t.

APT market receives more attentions from market participants and the price has an important role in the guide for the late market trend. This week, APT market is quiet, but the price tends to climb. As for the tungsten powder, the guide price is close to the whole market price, so the mentality of manufacturers is good and thus the quotation and sale prices show signs of rise. The current tungsten powder price hovers around $41.2-42.6/kg; tungsten carbide powder price is $41.6-42.3/kg.

With the approaching of Chinese Spring Festival, domestic tungsten market will soon be closed. Considering the limited influence of guide prices for the market, the price will not rise and fall sharply in the short term.

Prices of tungsten products on Feb. 07, 2018

tungsten powder price picture

Picture of tungsten powder

tungsten powder picture

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