Tungsten Copper Strip Price on July 24, 2021

tungsten copper strip picture

0.1x12x245mm 85W15Cu tungsten copper strip price is 21.00USD/PC on July 24, 2021, EXW XIAMEN, CHINA. 


Copper Tungsten Cube Price on Jun. 22, 2021

copper tungsten cube image

25x25x25mm 80W20Cu copper tungsten cube price is 15.00USD/PC on Jun. 22, 2021, EXW Xiamen, China. The density of 80W20Cu is about 15.2~15.6g/cm3. With the properties of high electrical conductivity and low thermal expansion rate, the cube is widely used to make parts as heat sink.

copper tungsten cube price image

copper tungsten cube image

Copper Tungsten Bar Price on May 26, 2021

copper tungsten bar image

15x15x200mm 75W25Cu copper tungsten bar price is 48.00USD/PC on May 26, 2021, EXW Xiamen, China. The density of 75W25Cu is about 14.5g/cm3. The price of tungsten copper is going up slightly in May due to the increasing of tungsten raw material price. 

copper tungsten bar price image

copper tungsten bar image

Silver Tungsten Rod Price on Apr. 23, 2021

silver tungsten rod image

Ø5x200mm 50W50Ag silver tungsten rod price is 125.00USD/PC on Apr. 23, 2021, EXW Xiamen, China. Silver tungsten alloy is using the production method of silver infiltration and mainly used for welding.

silver tungsten rod price image

silver tungsten rod image


Tungsten Copper Grinding Wheel Price on Mar. 25, 2021

tungsten copper grinding wheel image

Ø150xØ20x10mm 70W30Cu tungsten copper grinding wheel price is 175.00USD/PC on Mar. 25, 2021, EXW, Xiamen, China. This grinding wheel with the grade 70W30Cu can be used for PCD reparing.

tungsten copper grinding wheel price image

tungsten copper grinding wheel image

Tungsten Copper Disc Price on Mar. 3, 2021

tungsten copper disc image

Ø150xØ20x10mm 70W30Cu tungsten copper disc price is 170.00USD/PC on Mar. 2, 2021, EXW, Xiamen, China. Price of copper tungsten has been increasing as per the going up of raw material price.

tungsten copper disc price image

tungsten copper disc image

Tungsten Silver Rod Price on Jan. 28, 2021

tungsten silver rod image

Ø2x50mm 70W30Ag tungsten silver rod price is 9.50USD/PC on Jan. 28, 2021, EXW, Xiamen, China.  The content and grade can be customized by clients.

tungsten silver rod price image

tungsten silver rod image

Tungsten Copper Bolt Price on Dec. 25, 2020

tungsten copper bolt image

M12x120mm 70W30Cu tungsten copper bolt price is 29.00USD/PC on Dec. 25, 2020, EXW, Xiamen, China. The type and length of thread can be customized by the requirements of customers.

tungsten copper bolt price image

tungsten copper bolt image


Tungsten Copper Plate Price on Dec. 9, 2020

tungsten copper plate image

20x20x100mm 70W30Cu tungsten copper plate price is 45.00USD/PC on Dec. 9, 2020, EXW, Xiamen, China. Tungsten copper is made by copper infiltration and powder metallurgy. The quoted plate is manufactured by copper infiltraction.

tungsten copper plate price image

tungsten copper plate image

Tungsten Copper Rod Price on Nov. 3, 2020

tungsten copper rod image

Ø70x100mm 70W30Cu tungsten copper rod price is 285.00USD/PC on Nov. 3, 2020, EXW, Xiamen, China. Tungsten copper can be ordered with regular grades of 50W, 60W, 70W, 80W and 90W, and the customized.

tungsten copper rod price image

tungsten copper rod image



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