Method for Preparing Tungsten Carbide by Using Regeneration Tungsten Powder

The present invention discloses a method of regenerating a tungsten carbide powder is prepared.

For regeneration tungsten powder particle size larger than the surface area of ​​small, chemically active poor, difficult to directly use the traditional method of producing high-quality tungsten carbide problem, using a two-step method for regeneration of tungsten carbide, carbide powder. First by carbon black: = 3.0-3.5:100 tungsten powder (weight) of the ingredients were mixed in a ball mill, the graphite tube furnace at a temperature of carbon 1800-2000 ℃, carbonization time was 50-80 minutes at once carbide; and a carbon content analysis of the resulting compound of the carbide, the addition amount of carbon black and mixed in a ball mill, a carbon graphite tube furnace at a temperature in the carbonization 1500-1700 ℃, carbonation time of 60-90 minutes the conditions secondary carbonization.

The carbonized product was subjected to the second milling, sieved to obtain the final tungsten carbide products. The method is simple, easy to implement, stable income tungsten carbide powder quality.

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