Tungsten Ore Price Moves up continuously but Real Transaction Volume is Unsatisfied


Today tungsten ore price in China increases again. The quotation of 65W tungsten concentrate based on Ganzhou, Hunan focus on ¥115,000.00-118,000.00 per metric ton based on Ganzhou, Hunan, individuals has moved up to over ¥120,000.00 per metric ton scheelite concentrate mainstream quotation concentrates on ¥112,000.00-115,000.00 per metric ton.

According to the observation of Chinatungsten Online, tungsten ore market still at a loss that purchasing price is high while shipment is low. Insiders from Chinatungsten Online notes, under impact of guiding tungsten ore price and trader’s willing, tungsten ore suppliers will insist to increase tungsten ore price drastically.


Scrap Tungsten Price Is not Going to Break out Stable Pattern Shortly


The mainstream scrap tungsten price maintains steady. The transaction price excluding tax of bit concentrates on ¥187.00-¥191.00 per kilogram, domestic blade is ¥172.00-¥176.00 per kilogram, imported blade is ¥182-186 per kilogram; scrap pure tungsten block is ¥208.00-¥213.00 per kilogram.

The price of the content of scrap tungsten grinding material which is more than 70W is ¥1330.00 per metric tones unit, 50W-70W is ¥1270.00 per metric tones unit, 30W-40W is ¥1110.00 per metric tones unit. The prices above are steady. 10W-20W tungsten unit to ¥635.00 per metric tones unite while 8W-10W tungsten to ¥571.00 per metric tones unite.

Tungsten ore price goes up constantly. Although transaction volume is not satisfied enough, tungsten ore suppliers are more willing to increase their price at the end of year. The situation of scrap tungsten keeps steady. Under the pressure of weak demand and out of production, the change of tungsten ore price seems no driving force. Chinatungsten Online expects that it is hard for market to break out this pattern in short term.

In the international market, mainly oversea tungsten market price keeps stable as usual. By the night of 7th, the guiding price of MB ferrotungsten in warehouse Rotterdam maintains $42.75-43.50 per kilogram tungsten; the quotation of ammonium paratungstate keeps $304.00-330.00 metric tones unit.

Tungsten Products Keep Stable with Slight Increase


Tungsten miners in China hold confused attitude that only tungsten product price goes up, transaction volume cannot be pushed up relatively. Generally, it is hard to make a deal in tungsten ore market. As to relate tungsten product, price range of ammonium paratungstate (APT) becomes bigger, the highest of them could reach ¥176,000.00/t; scrap tungsten suppliers note that many of them are out of production. Domestic blade based in Henan is firm at ¥172.00-¥176.00 per kilogram. Chinatungsten Online expected that general situation of tungsten product market is steady, some of them has slightly change, which is led by tungsten product guiding price. 

Tungsten Bar Market Remains Inactive in China

The Tungsten bar market is quiet this week, and many tungsten bar suppliers hold wait-and-see attitudes toward the market. Owing to the increasing tungsten concentrate and ammounious paratungstate (APT) prices, some tungsten bar suppliers intend to increase offers. However, under the current weak demand, the prices are hard to increase sharply.

A tungsten bar supplier, based in Henan, whose regular capacity is around 20 tons per month, noted that they are out of production now, and intend to resume production after the Spring Festival. He said that they have some tungsten bar stocks in hand and they make offers for metallurgic grade tungsten bar 99.9%min at RMB300/kg (USD47.6/kg) this week, unchanged compared with those of last week.
The tungsten powder price increases slightly this week. The source expressed that due to the inactive downstream tungsten bar markets, it is hard to for tungsten bar price to move up sharply. Looking ahead, the source thinks that tungsten bar market will keep quiet in the following days.
A producer based in Sichuan, with an output of around 15 tons per month, revealed that they quote prices for doped grade tungsten bars 99.95%min at RMB335-340/kg (USD53.3-54.1/kg) this week, unchanged compared with those of last week. He added that they mainly deal with some old orders, and few deals are concluded in the tungsten bar spot market.
The source told Asian Metal that they purchased a batch of APT at RMB172,000/t (USD309/mtu) late last month. He said that the APT prices increase this week, and they have no intention in adding stocks for the moment.

Tungsten Electrode suppliers keep Quiet While Tungsten Electrode Prices Stable Tentatively

The tungsten electrode suppliers remains quiet this week, and the trading volume does not see any obvious improvements. The tungsten concentrate and ammounium patatungstate (APT) prices move up slightly, but as consumers are cautious in adding stocks, the tungsten electrode suppliers hold offers stable tentatively and watch the market for a while. A producer based in Hebei, whose output is around 5 tons per month for tungsten electrode, noted that they quote prices for ground thorium tungsten electrode at RMB420-430/kg (USD66.7-68.3/kg) this week, unchanged compared with those of last week. He added that they still keep on production now, and have some stocks in hand. As the demand for tungsten electrode is unfavorable, tungsten electrode suppliers have mainly deal with old orders.

The source noted that the guiding tungsten electrode prices came out last week, and the tungsten concentrate and APT suppliers increased offers gradually. However, the transaction prices do not see obvious change. He expressed that they will watch the market for a while.
Another source from a tungsten electrode factory in Beijing revealed that they make offers for ground thorium tungsten electrode and polished cerium tungsten electrode price at RMB470/kg (USD74.7/kg) and RMB420/kg (USD66.7/kg) respectively at present. He noted that tungsten electrode suppliers held offers stable in the recent days.
The source said that the demands from domestic and foreign markets are still weak now. Foreign consumers usually add stocks before the Christmas holiday, but this year is different because of dull economic situation. They received few inquiries these days. “The tungsten concentrate and APT offers moved up these days, and the prices for tungsten electrode are likely to be stable or even increase slightly,” he stated. “It is expected that tungsten electrode suppliers are inactive in near term with low demand.”

Tungsten Scraps Recyclers Lift Offers

According to higher tungsten concentrate price, many tungsten scraps recyclers lift offers. However, there are few purchasing activities in spot market, as consumers with few orders on hand rebuild stocks cautiously. 


Tungsten Concentrate Price Increases Relatively

Tungsten concentrate prices goes higher but the demand remains dull. Only major buyers collect materials for pushing up prices, but downstream consumers refuse to accept the current price.

A producer based in Jiangxi shared with Asian Metal that China Minmetals offers wolframite 65%min at RMB126,000/t(USD308/mtu) in spot market, and purchases tungsten concentrate now. However, no others can accept the price, and the current mainstream price in tungsten concentrate spot market is RMB120,000/t (USD294/mtu), increased by RMB1,000/t (USD2.4/mtu) on Monday. “There are few purchasing activities in tungsten concentrate spot market, and the terminal demand remains dull,” said the source, adding that most consumers do not hold positive attitude towards future market, and are cautious to rebuild stocks in advance.
Unless consumers see upward trend in near term, they will keep watching under the sluggish economic situation. The source believes that without support from downstream tungsten concentrate spot market, the price only has limited room to go up further. 
A producer based in Hunan who has producing volume of 300 tons stated that they released 500 tons of wolframite 60%min at RMB125,000/t (USD306/mtu) to major buyer last week, and the payment will be arranged two months later. No consumers can accept the price in tungsten concentrate spot market, and ammounium paratungstate producers’ psychological price is around RMB120,000/t (USD294/mtu). “The supply of tungsten concentrate will be tight because more and more mines will halt production in the following two months,” the source expressed.
The source expressed that the basic demand is so weak, and he has no confidence towards future market. 

Minister David Ramsay’s Address to The Arctic Technology Conference

Good morning. First of all, I would like to thank the organizers of the Arctic Technology Conference for inviting me here, and a special thank you to the Canadian Consulate for giving me the opportunity to speak with you here this morning.


Wolf Secures Funding for Hemerdon Tungsten Development

COLLECTED BY CHINATUNGSTE - DEC.7, 2012 - Dual listed Wolf Minerals has secured an $82-million funding package to further develop its Hemerdon tungsten and tin project, in Southwest England.




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