Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticles Applied for Electrochromic Film

Tungsten oxide nanoparticles are widely applied to smart windows in the form of an electrochromic film as tungsten oxide (WO3) is a feasible electrochromic material that can be of benefit in practical applications due to its rather highly optical reversible color change induced by an electrochemical process. Well, do you know how to prepare electrochromic film of tungsten oxide nanoparticles?

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Preparation of WO3 Electrochromic Film

It has been reported that the researchers deposited the coatings on an FTO glass substrate by the spin-coating method, from the speed of 1500 rpm to 3500 rpm for 30 seconds. On an FTO (1.5cm×2cm), coated glass substrates (8 Ω/sq) had previously been cleaned and rinsed with distilled water, methanol, and Aston and then dried at 90 °C. All the films were annealed from room temperature to 100 °C, held at this temperature for two hours, and then brought back to room temperature.