Tungsten Oxide Powder Applied for Building Glass Energy Saving Coating

Tungsten oxide powder may be applied for producing a building glass energy saving coating, which has high permeability to visible light and good shielding performance to infrared light or thermal radiation. Such transparent heat-insulating coating is mainly composed of semiconductor metal oxide nanoparticles which are spectrally selective to sunlight, namely tungsten oxide nanoparticles, and transparent resin.

tungsten oxide powder applied for building glass energy saving coating image

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tungsten oxide powder applied for building glass energy saving coating picture

As you may have known, the energy consumption of glass doors and glass windows accounts for more than 30-40% of the energy consumption of the entire building. So, the transparent thermal insulation glass coating has received great attention as it is an important new way to improve the energy-saving performance of glass. And therefore, in recent years, the hot spot in the field of energy-saving coating is to solve the problems of high technical requirements and difficult construction applications for transparent heat-insulating coatings. With the standards of transparent thermal insulation coating, energy-saving coated glass standards, coating application procedures, and the improvement of coatings for energy-saving glass doors and windows and the development of nano-material technology, transparent thermal insulation coatings will surely usher in a spring of rapid development. Tungsten oxide thermal insulation coating will benefit more from its own environmentally friendly property.