WO3 Powder Applied for Building Glass Energy Saving Coating

WO3 powder may be used to prepare a building glass energy saving coating. The prepared coating has a simple construction process – it can be dried and formed into a film in 20-120 minutes with a long service life. Therefore, the popularization and application of heat insulation coating of tungsten trioxide nanoparticles is of great significance for the popularization of national energy-saving buildings, especially for energy-saving renovation of old buildings.

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WO3 powder applied for building glass energy saving coating picture

After applying tungsten oxide heat insulation coating on ordinary glasses, these glasses can be transformed into nano energy-saving glasses, which have superior environmental protection performance and good visible light transmittance. The shielding rate of the coating in the ultraviolet region below 320nm is 99% to effectively protect the human body and furniture. It is energy-efficient as it can significantly reduce the cooling energy consumption and heating energy consumption of air conditioning, and truly achieve the purpose of "warm winter and cool summer." In summer, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference can reach up to 6°C, and the daily air-conditioning power consumption can be saved by 50%. More important, the "air conditioning disease" caused by long-term air conditioning is fundamentally solved. In the winter, under the same heating conditions, about 40% of heating energy consumption can be reduced.