Nano Tungsten Trioxide Applied for Building Glass Energy Saving Coating

Nano tungsten trioxide may be used to prepare a building glass energy saving coating. Nowadays, glass is more and more widely applied to buildings. However, these common glasses bring people some troubles - it wastes more energy and we need to find a way to reduce energy consumption; it has high transparency, but it also brings more heat radiation into the room. So, heat insulating coating is getting more attention from people as it can solve the problems of heat insulation and energy consumption to some extent.

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nano tungsten trioxide applied for building glass energy saving coating image

Later, more and more thermal insulation coatings were invented and applied. Among them, especially, tungsten oxide heat-insulating coating has received more attention. That is also because the coating is environmentally friendly to meet international environmental quality standards. So, the coating film prepared will not contain benzene, ketone, formaldehyde and other components, and will not contain harmful substances such as free TDI. Also, such heat insulation coating can effectively shield more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and more than 90% of infrared rays, reducing the harm of heat and UV to human body and furniture. Moreover, the coating is convenient for construction with the advantages of high adhesion strength, fast drying, and short construction period. Besides, it is suitable for applying in the inner and outer wall glass and various special-shaped glasses.