How to Break a Tungsten Carbide Ring


You may have heard that a tungsten carbide ring is unbreakable. This would have some good and bad effects. Having a wedding ring that would never bend, crack, scratch, or get marred would be a benefit. Tungsten carbide rings are not indestructible. In case of emergency, you can remove them with relative ease. Just don't drop your wedding band on a hard surface - any Tungsten Carbide band (no matter who makes it) is brittle. It will crack, chip or even shatter upon impact with a hard surface or object.
1.Get a vise.
2.Place your finger down inside the vise. Make sure the ring is in the middle of the vise.
3.Tighten the vise. Tighten the vise until it grips the ring well.
4.Break the ring. Give the vise a good final twist to crack the ring apart.
5.Loosen the vise. Loosen the vise a bit.
6.Pull out your hand. Remove your hand from the vise. The ring is broken! Hopefully not your vows!
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