Tungsten Engagement Rings

Tungsten engagement rings with stone inlays also have become popular. These rings provide the buyer with the opportunity to add precious and semiprecious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies to their tungsten band. The number of stones that can be inlaid into a tungsten band is up to the purchaser. Adding numerous stones will make the ring heavier, and tungsten is already a heavy metal. The benefit of stone inlays, however, is that they allow the ring to maintain the traditional engagement ring feel without sacrificing the added hypoallergenic and durability benefits of tungsten.

There also are various color and polish options available for tungsten engagement rings. The tungsten alloy can be manipulated, so rings can range in color from dark black to light silver, depending on preference. Tungsten also is one of the few metals that provide constant shine, and options that focus on preserving shine are available at most jewelers.

The popularity of tungsten engagement rings has risen as the benefits of the tungsten alloy have become more publicized. These benefits, which are a result of the tungsten alloy being a hypoallergenic metal and a scratch-proof metal, include increased durability of the jewelry, and they make the rings suitable for sensitive skin. Tungsten is a high-density metal that is difficult to shape, however, so t there are limited choices available for people who want tungsten engagement rings but also want rings that are unique.


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