Engraving–The Perfect Method to Personalize Your Ring

You found the ring you want, and decided to go with tungsten carbide because of its durability and stylish look. Also, its affordability did not, by any means, dissuade you from your decision. But, in doing your research, you undoubtedly discovered that your prospective new tungsten wedding bands are extremely hard. Good news, tungsten carbide’s hardness does not mean that you cannot engrave your ring.

Through the technology of laser engraving (or even through more traditional methods), tungsten rings can be engraved. Now, the only decision you face is what font you want your engraving in. This may sound like we are pulling your leg as most people who are not too aware of engraving do not know that you can venture outside the regular block print your parents may have etched into their rings.

Most couples have no idea that you can engrave in a font that is anything other than a traditional block print, like the font found in this article. However, technology has come a long way, not only in the sense that so much information is available to you virtually at the speed in which you can type your inquiry into Google. In terms of the jewelry industry, engraving machines have come leaps and bounds thanks to the general technological improvements. Now, they offer an array of fonts to choose from.

Asides from choosing regular print font, there are cursive fonts, you can choose calligraphy fonts, or even non-Roman alphabet fonts, such as Arabic or even Hebrew. In reality, laser engravers can print just about any font out there. Basically, if you see it on Microsoft word as a font option, you can have that as your font of choice in your engraving. Really love French Script, but are a little concerned because you haven’t seen it on an engraving before? Not to worry, it can be done with laser engraving.

Traditional engravings, unfortunately do not offer as wide variety of option in engraving. However, thanks to technological advancement you are not confined to engraving through traditional engraving methods. You can use any font you wish to your heart’s content to display your heart’s intent in your engraving.


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