Cobalt 60 Tungsten Radiation Shielding

Cobalt 60 treatment machine is a large medical device for the treatment of tumors in hospitals. It is generally used in the treatment of various cystic tumors. 

Cobalt 60 treatment machine stores Cobalt 60 in a tungsten alloy shield. The cobalt in the therapeutic machine can release gamma rays to kill cancer cells and treat tumors. During the treatment, the radioactive source is moved to the window of the protective cover by mechanical, pneumatic and traction, so that the rays are irradiated from the window hole to the lesion. Radioactive rays produced in the decay process of radionuclides can be used to treat tumors.
Cobalt 60 treatment machine generally consists of the following components: sealed cobalt 60 radiation source, source container, door head, shutter device with switch, collimator with directional limiting beam, cylinder with directional limiting beam for adjusting direction of beam, mechanical system equipment for supporting the head, radiation safety and the chain system. 
Cobalt 60 treatment machine image
Cobalt 60 treatment machine working principle: during the treatment, as long as the solenoid valve is energized, the gas will be connected, and the cylinder piston push rod will push cobalt source cylinder up to 300 mm. When the timed irradiation is finished, the cobalt source cylinder will return automatically, and the cobalt source can be parked in the storage position. If the power supply is suddenly cut off during the treatment, the cobalt source cylinder will automatically return to the original position to ensure the safety of treatment.
Cobalt 60 machine uses a permanent radioactive source, which has a strong radiation that can cause hair loss and seriously damage the blood cells in the body tissue, and it would result in blood system diseases. Therefore, the Cobalt 60 needs to be sealed in a tungsten alloy shielding container. 
To shield radioactive ray is mainly to shield gamma ray that has high penetration ability. Tungsten alloy is an ideal radiation shielding material because of its high density and atomic number. Besides, it has many other advantages, such as high hardness, high strength, and strong ability of absorbing rays, etc. Tungsten alloy has been widely used in shielding all kinds of radioactive sources.